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D-Tech Rental of Facilities

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The San Mateo Union High School District believes - all students have the right to participate fully in the educational process, free from discrimination and harassment.  These rights are assured to students by CA Education Code Section 200 and Penal Code Section 422.55.

Welcome To The San Mateo Union High School District


Highlights from Board Meeting on 9/11

The meetings of the San Mateo Unified High School District (SMUHSD) Board of Trustees are always packed with important agenda items that relate to decisions that can impact both the families of our schools and the broader community. Here are some highlights of the September 11th Board meeting:

  • Principals at each of our schools reported how seamless the first day of school went at each high school, and shared other exciting news about their creative programming and events that keep students interested, challenged and excited for the education they receive with the SMUHSD. 
  • “Spirit Squad” will continue to be considered a sport – a classification which helps to ensure safety and equal access to facilities.
  • The District will be refinancing a portion of the 2008 Measure M Bond. The refinancing is intended to save tax payers approximately $3.5 million – about $200K per year until the bond closes in 2032. 
  • Until budgetary projections with anticipated revenues and expenditures align between D-Tech and the District, and the Board can fully understand the impact of D-Tech on the existing District budget, the Board of Trustees have delayed consideration of D-Tech’s request for an additional $150,000.

The minutes from the September 11th Board of Trustee meeting will be posted soon. You can see the agenda and soon-to-be-posted minutes by clicking here.

Posted by: Sheri Costa-Batis
Published: 9/17/14

Seven SMUHSD Seniors Are National Merit Semifinalists

Our seniors are making us proud again! Seven District seniors have been named semifinalists in the competition for 2015 National Merit Scholarships. The valuable awards, now in their 60th year, are regarded as being among the most prestigious available to U.S. high school seniors. Finalists for the scholarships will be announced later in the 2014-15 school year by officials of the National Merit program. The District seniors are: Valerie Chen and Cleo Wienbar, both from Aragon High School; Abigail Feder of Burlingame High School; Ryan Young of Mills High School; and Rick Da, David Rathmann-Bloch and William Zhuk, all from San Mateo High School. In the spring and summer of next year, the National Merit program will provide about 7,600 scholarships worth an estimated $33 million. The monetary awards for high-achieving seniors are funded by businesses and corporations, colleges and universities, the National Merit program itself and other entities.

Posted by: Sheri Costa-Batis
Published: 9/16/14

SMUHSD’s Attendance and Welfare Office Closed October 1, 2014

Attention Parents! The San Mateo Union High School District’s Attendance and Welfare Office will be closed on October 1, 2014 as this SMUHSD team will be attending an important training at the County Office of Education.  We ask that parents plan ahead and have your questions resolved in advance of October 1st or the next business day.

Posted by: Sheri Costa-Batis
Published: 9/16/14

Update: Thank You for Your Support of Hillsdale High School Accident Victims

Latest Update:

First, Hillsdale High School and the entire San Mateo Unified High School District would like to thank the members of the Hillsdale community and beyond for their support of the students and student teacher involved in a crash last week near Hillsdale High School. We cannot adequately express how important your support and well-wishes have been for everyone, including those emotionally impacted by seeing their injured friends, students and colleagues, and of course,  the survivors of last week’s terrible accident. Friends and family of the student teacher – the survivor with the most significant injuries – have set up a donation site for people to financially help the student teacher with expenses associated with this accident. The target is within reach. Click here to learn more and donate. Also, the Hillsdale Parent-Teacher-Student Organization (PTSO) is coordinating support for the students and their families, and we will update you on opportunities to help as they become available.


Refer to the SMPD website for more background regarding the accident. 



Interpreter Service

The A/W Office provides on-site interpreting services for Spanish and Chinese (Mandarin) speakers.  Limited English Proficient (“LEP”) parent/guardians speaking languages other than Spanish and Cantonese/Mandarin will be provided language assistance services by the Attendance and Welfare Office.  Please contact:  KindyLee Mackamul, Director of Attendance and Welfare, if you need assistance regarding enrollment and school assignment matters.

Interpreter available in any language upon request.

Response to the Grand Jury Report

On July 11, 2013 the San Mateo Union High School District received a Grand Jury Report, "Capital Appreciation Bonds: Ticking Time Bombs."  At the September 12, 2013 board meeting the Board of Trustees approved the response letter from the district to the Grand Jury Report "Capital Appreciation Bonds: Ticking Time Bombs."  To read the response letter click on "Response Letter." 

Public Notice-First Five-Year Review for Burlingame High School

The Department of Toxic Substance Control (DTSC) will conduct the First Five-Year Review of the effectiveness of the remedy for the Burlingame High School site (Site) located at 400 Carolan Avenue, Burlingame, California 94010.  For more information click on the attached notice. Public Notice for First Five-Year Review Burlingame High School 


District Calendar

Local Control Accountability Plan: SMUHSD

LCAP Year 2014-2015

SMUHSD LCAP and Annual Update Template (English)

SMUHSD LCAP Summary (Spanish)

SMUHSD LCAP Summary (Chinese)

San Mateo Union High School's commitment to monitoring progress as we move forward with LCAP is a high priority for all stakeholders - staff, families, and community members.  The foundation of this LCAP is to improve the education and achievement outcomes for all students in the San Mateo Union High School District.  

District Policies

The District Policies are now on-line.  To access click on "District Policies."

Local Educational Agency Plan

Title III Improvement Plan

2014 SMUHSD Title II Improvement Plan

Title III Year 2 and Year 4 Improvement Plan Assurance

The goal of the Title III Improvement Plan is to identify the challenges the SMUHSD has had in raising English Learner achievement and to provide a guide on how to implement a sound and effective instructional program for all English Learners. 


The San Mateo Union High School District continues to be in Program Improvement for 2012-2013 school year.  For more information click on "SMUHSD Program Improvement."  "SMUHSD Program Improvement letter (Spanish)" "SMUHSD Program Improvement Letter (Chinese)"

Student Nutrition Services

To access the Prepayment Form click on "form ."


Rental of SMUHSD Facilities

Facilities Use

To book athletic facilities, theaters, classrooms, and meeting spaces click on Facilities Rental.