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Student/Family Case Worker

The SMUHSD is working collaboratively with the YMCA Youth Services Bureau to assist students and their families. The targeted audience is...

students who are referred to the School Attendance Review Board (SARB) because of attendance issues.

students who are re-entering district schools after placement in a court/community school or another alternative program.

For SARB cases, the Case Worker will:

  • Attend all SARB hearings.
  • Provide assessment of mental health, family and safety issues in the hearings.
  • Consult with Student Services staff on counseling and case management services that can be provided to families in light of hearing decisions and SARB contracts.
  • For identified students, conduct mental health and safety assessments, and develop case management plans to enable them to comply with SARB contract.
  • Provide home visits for highest risk cases.
  • Provide follow up and on-campus visits with students and key school staff as needed  (Principals, Assistant Principals, Deans, Guidance Counselors, Special Education case managers, and School Safety Advocates).
  • Make appropriate referrals for outpatient family/individual counseling, on-campus groups, and other identified support programs.
  • Provide individual counseling as needed.

 For expulsion and re-entry cases, the Case Worker will:

  • Meet with families before or at time of expulsion and make appropriate referrals and recommendations for supportive services over suspension period, including outpatient family/individual counseling.
  • Attend incident review conferences, expulsion hearings and reentry hearings.
  • Provide analysis of mental health, family and safety issues in the meetings.
  • Consult with Student Services staff on counseling and case management services that can be provided to families in light of hearing decision.
  • Provide on-going case management for students and families to enable them to support reentry.
  • Provide follow up after student’s reentry, including checking on attendance and behavior, and conferring with key school staff.
  • Provide individual counseling as needed.

 Program Outcomes

  • Increase attendance of chronically truant students.
  • Reduce expulsion rates and lengths of expulsions.
  • Reduce recidivism rate of students who are expelled or being recommended for expulsion.
  • Reduce disproportionate school suspension and expulsion rates of African American and Latino males.
  • Therapeutic outcomes. The YSB administers a survey to youth and families after the course of counseling that measures changes and improvements in mental health status, ability to solve problems, and resiliency factors tied to asset development.

CONTACT: Tina Graf (bgraf@smuhsd.org)