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English Learners

The Act requires prior notice be given to parents of limited English Learners regarding English Language Development proficiency programs, including the reasons for the identification of the student as an English Learner, the need for placement in a language instruction educational program, the student's level of English proficiency, how such level was assessed, the status of the student's academic achievement, the methods of instruction used in the programs, parent options for programs that will meet the student's needs, program performance, parent options to remove a student from a program and/or to decline initial enrollment, and expected rate of transition into classrooms not tailored for limited English Proficient students.

The parent/guardian of all potential English Learners (EL's) shall be notified in writing about program options for ELs.  They will also be notified regarding their right to visit the program/classes, their right to request a withdrawal from the program, their option to request a waiver, and their right to participate in the school and district English Learner committees. CEC 52173 In order to determine the student's English proficiency, the San Mateo Union High School District requires a parent/guardian to complete a Home Language Survey upon enrolling his/her student in the district school.  A parent/guardian with questions about programs for English Learners should contact the Assistant Principal for Instructional Services at the school site. 

General Information


EC 54029 (resulting from SB 754, Padilla) requires school districts to post online information about their Economic Impact Aid (EIA) funds. The following table reflects the relevant EIA information for our district. We use our entire EIA allocation for programs to support English Learners (LEP); information pertaining to EIA-SCE (school compensatory education) is not applicable and is therefore not listed. The carryover (unexpended) EIA-LEP funds from 2010-11 were due one-time categorical funds the district received that were used to support English Learner services. The unexpended funds from 2011-12 were used to supplement services during the 2012-13 year.  Any balance from the current year will be spent on supplemental English Learner services during the 2013-14 school year.



2011-12 (Actual)

2012-13 (Estimated)

Prior Year Carry-over (unexpended)






Total Available
























San Mateo






Administrative Costs



Total Expenses



Carry-over (unexpended)



DELAC Calendar 2013-2014

2012-2013 DELAC Meeting Schedule

Meetings - San Mateo High School Library  English Spanish Chinese English Spanish  Chinese
October 23, 2012 Agenda Agenda Agenda Minutes Minutes Minutes
December 6, 2012 Agenda Agenda Agenda Minutes Minutes Minutes
February 20, 2013 Agenda Agenda Agenda Minutes Minutes Minutes
March 28, 2013 Agenda Agenda Agenda Minutes Minutes Minutes
April 24, 2013 Agenda Agenda Agenda Minutes Minutes Minutes

DELAC Agenda

2008 Master Plan English Language Development (ELD)

English Language Development

District English Learner Advisory Committee (DELAC)

The DELAC is the district parent committee required by the State of California.  To read about the committee and if you are interested in serving on the committee click on "DELAC."