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The following numbers start with a 650 area code.

Department Name Title Telephone E-Mail
Superintendent Office Kevin Skelly Superintendent 558-2200 kskelly@smuhsd.org 
  Roberta Beeken Admin. Asst. to the Supt. 558-2201 rbeeken@smuhsd.org 
  Sheri Costa Communications Manager 558-2202 scosta@smuhsd.org
Word Processing Center Janice Sozzi Reprographic Technician 558-2201 jsozzi@smuhsd.org
Business Services Department Elizabeth McManus Deputy Supt of Bus. Serv. 558-2203 emcmanus@smuhsd.org
  Maritsa Chew Executive Coordinator 558-2204 mchew@smuhsd.org
Accounts Payable Liliana Petersen  Accounts Payable 558-2218 lpetersen@smuhsd.org
Final Accounting Mimi Yuan Accounting Technician 558-2221 myuan@smuhsd.org
  Silva Dakessian Accounting Technician 558-2239 sdakessian@smuhsd.org
Fiscal Services Vanessa Castano Manager of Accounting 558-2224 vcastano@smuhsd.org
  Valerie Miller Manager Budget/Fiscal Services 558-2223 vmiller@smuhsd.org
Maintenance & Operations, Facilities Use Linda Carlton Director of Maintenance, Operations & Facilities Use 558-2411 lcarlton@smuhsd.org
  Bernadette Villarin M&O, Facilities Specialist 558-2413 bvillarin@smuhsd.org
  Tara Pratt General Manager of Facilities Use 558-2275 tpratt@smuhsd.org
  Jim Hyde General Manager of Operations 558-2412 jhyde@smuhsd.org
  Bruce Bazzini General Manager of Maintenance 558-2471 bbazzini@smuhsd.org
Payroll Divine Kobuchi Payroll Technician (Certificated) 558-2236 dkobuchi@smuhsd.org
  Susan Silva Payroll Technician (Classified) 558-2238 ssilva@smuhsd.org
Capital Facilities Fiscal/Purchasing Debbie Arobio Capital Facilities Fiscal/Purchasing Mgr 558-2289 darobio@smuhsd.org
  Lisa Ann Wolfskill Accounting Assistant II 558-2288 lwolfskill@smuhsd.org
Performing Art Center Lindsay Martens Auditorium Manager 280-3882 lmartens@smuhsd.org
  Dave LeBlanc Auditorium Foreperson 280-7728 dleblanc@smuhsd.org
Student Nutrition Services Denis Vorrises Manager of Student Nutrition 558-2479 dvorrises@smuhsd.org
Transportation Dan Dobbins Transportation Officer 558-2440 ddobbins@smuhsd.org
  Martina (Tina)  Hernandez Dispatch 558-2446 mhernandez@smuhsd.org
  Carrie Velez School Bus Driver Instructor 558-2447 cvelez@smuhsd.org
  Jeannie Chen Accounting Technician 558-2444 jcchen@smuhsd.org
Human Resources/Instruction Kirk Black, Ed.D. Deputy Supt. HR and Instruction 558-2208 kblack@smuhsd.org
  Barb Tufo Executive Coordinator to Deputy Supt. 558-2209 btufo@smuhsd.org
Administrative Services Lauren Rosaia District Receptionist/O.A. II 558-2299 lrosaia@smuhsd.org
Student Services KindyLee Mackamul (Stumpp) Associate Supt. Student Services 558-2205 kmackamul@smuhsd.org
  Mary Anne Barrett Administrative Assistant 558-2206 mbarrett@smuhsd.org
  Don Scatena Director of Student Services 558-2258 dscatena@smuhsd.org
  Adriana Gomez Executive Assistant 558-2257 agomez@smuhsd.org
  Gregoria Granados Attend. & Welfare Technician 558-2207 ggranados@smuhsd.org
  Monica Diaz Attend. & Welfare Technician 558-2259 mdiaz@smuhsd.org
  Bonnie Chan  Student Data Specialist  558-2252 bchan@smuhsd.org
  Evan Yip Attend. & Welfare Technician 558-2256 eyip@smuhsd.org
  Juan Bustos Enrollment Center Investigator 558-2259 jbustos@smuhsd.org
District Nurse Jeanie Litarowsky District Nurse 558-2222 jlitarowsky@smuhsd.org
Human Resources Sally Harrison HR Assistant/Benefits Technician 558-2244 sharrison@smuhsd.org
  Cathy Grondona Benefits Coordinator 558-2243 cgrondona@smuhsd.org
  Lisa Yakushi HR Technician 558-2240 lyakushi@smuhsd.org
  Lulu Davidson HR Generalist 558-2247 ldavidson@smuhsd.org
  Travis Groft Wellness Manager 558-2241 tgroft@smuhsd.org
  Christine Powers-Rosaia HR Generalist 558-2246 cpowersrosaia@smuhsd.org
  Brian Williams Credential Analyst 558-2248


  King Yee (Carina) Hui  HR Technician 558-2249 khui@smuhsd.org
Curriculum/Assessment Brian Simmons Director of Curriculum/Assessment 558-2212 bsimmons@smuhsd.org
  Nora Barrientos Executive Assistant 558-2297 nbarrientos@smuhsd.org
  Lennie Perreras Student Data Specialist   lperreras@smuhsd.org
  Sonia Gill Instructional Services Specialist 558-2253 sgill@smuhsd.org
  Wayne Rasay Categorical Accounting Tech 558-2250 wrasay@smuhsd.org
EL and Compliance Samia Shoman EL & Compliance Manager 558-2233 sshoman@smuhsd.org
School to Career Linda Colloran School to Career/Teacher 558-2270 lcolloran@smuhsd.org
Special Education Carolyn Schwartzbord Director of Special Education 558-2265 cschwartzbord@smuhsd.org
  Janette Iniguez Special Education Assistant 558-2260 jiniguez@smuhsd.org
  Christine Hadley School Psychologist(SMHS) 558-2266 chadley@smuhsd.org
  Wendy Parker Transition Specialist 558-2270 wparker@smuhsd.org
  Eli Poblitz Vocation Specialist 558-2441 epoblitz@smuhsd.org
  Margaret Bradley Vocation Specialist 558-2267 mbradley@smuhsd.org
  Teresa De Anda Account Analyst 558-2292 tdeanda@smuhsd.org
  Catherine Davis Program Specialist 558-2268 cdavis@smuhsd.org
  Jennifer Beasley School Psychologist (MHS) 558-2840 jbeasley@smuhsd.org
  Katie Schwarz Program Specialist 558-2254 kschwarz@smuhsd.org
  Greg Quigley Asst. Director of Special Education 558-2266 gquigley@smuhsd.org
  Faith Cabie-Ramil School Psychologist (CHS) 558-2732 fcabieramil@smuhsd.org
  Jennifer Giese School Psychologist (HHS) 558-2640 jgiese@smuhsd.org
  Kristina Ish Special Educaiton Coordinator 558-2280 kish@smuhsd.org
  Mary McGrath Mental Health Manager 558-2273 mmcgrath@smuhsd.org
Technology Support Group Simon Bettis Director of Technology 558-2487 sbettis@smuhsd.org
  Maria Valle Executive Secretary 558-2489 mvalle@smuhsd.org
  Jessica Del Carlo Data Control Analyst 558-2483 jdelcarlo@smuhsd.org
  Jesse Liu Internet Services Specialist 558-2481 jliu@smuhsd.org
  Daryl Jackson System Support Specialist 558-2488 djackson@smuhsd.org
  Maureen Sharkey Information Tech Specialist 558-2484 msharkey@smuhsd.org
  Jorge Gaytan TSSII-Help Desk 558-2488