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Interdistrict Transfers


Interdistrict Transfers BP 5117   Student

The Board of Trustees recognizes that students who reside in one district may choose to attend school in another district and that such choices are made for a variety of reasons.

The Board desires to communicate with parent/guardians and students regarding the district’s educational programs and services.

The Board of the district will only consider interdistrict transfers if compelling reasons are presented which indicate a student’s education would be adversely affected if s/he continued in the school district of residence.

A request for an interdistrict transfer for regular day school, summer school, adult school classes, and special education classes shall be initiated at the district of residence.  The district of residence shall conduct such investigation of the request as shall be necessary, shall be responsible for communication with the receiving district, and shall process the request if granted.

The Superintendent, or his designated agent, shall negotiate the tuition agreements to be used for each special education interdistrict transfer.

If the student is accepted into the district, either through the district appeal process or a decision by the County Board of Education, the Superintendent of the receiving district, or his/her designee, reserves the right to assign the school of attendance for the student in accord with district policies and the educational and/or physical welfare of the students.

The Superintendent or designee may deny interdistrict attendance permits because of overcrowding within district schools or limited district resources.

Administrative Regulations AR 5117

Interdistrict Attendance Permits AR 5117

The Superintendent or designee may approve interdistrict attendance permits for the following reasons:

1. To meet a child's special mental or physical health needs as certified by a physician, school psychologist, or other appropriate school personnel.

 (cf. 6159 - Individualized Education Program)

 2. When a student has a sibling(s) attending school in the receiving district, to avoid splitting the family's attendance

 3. To allow a student to complete a school semester if the student is in the last nine weeks of a semester when his/her parents/guardians have moved out of the district. At the end of the semester, the student shall enroll in the school in his/her new district of residence.

 4. To let high school seniors attend the same school they attended as juniors, even if their families moved out of the district after the ninth week of the second semester during the junior year. The student must be in good standing and on track to graduate.

 5. When the parent/guardian provides written evidence that the family will be moving into the district within six weeks and would like the student to start the year in the district providing a close of escrow document, letter of residence from employer, or lease agreement is provided.

 6. When a family is planning to move during a school semester and wishes to enroll a student in the new district of residence prior to the anticipated move, such move must be verified according to regulations established by the Superintendent or designee representative.

 7. If the student is in the last nine weeks of a semester, the school may recommend that to delay the transfer at the time of change of residence is in the best interests of the student. Such student shall enroll in the new district of residence not later than the end of the semester.

 8. Once a student is enrolled in a school, he/she shall not be required to reapply for an interdistrict transfer and shall be allowed to continue to attend the school in which he/she is enrolled, unless reapplication standards are otherwise specified in the permit. Existing interdistrict attendance permits shall not be rescinded for students entering grade 11 or 12 in the subsequent school year. (Education Code 46600)

 9. When recommended by the School Attendance Review Board or by county child welfare, probation, or social service agency staff in documented cases of serious home or community problems which make it inadvisable for the student to attend the school of residence

 (cf. 5113.1 - Truancy)

 Interdistrict attendance permits or applications shall not be required for students enrolling in a regional occupational center or program. (Education Code 52317)

 Every interdistrict attendance permit shall stipulate the terms and conditions under which the permit may be revoked. (Education Code 46600)

 The Superintendent or designee may deny initial requests for interdistrict attendance permits if school facilities are overcrowded at the relevant grade level or based on other considerations that are not arbitrary. However, once a student is admitted, the district may not deny him/her continued attendance because of overcrowded facilities at the relevant grade level.

 The Superintendent or designee shall notify the parents/guardians of a student who is denied interdistrict attendance regarding the process for appeal to the County Board of Education as specified in Education Code 46601. (Education Code 46601)

 (cf. 5145.6 - Parental Notifications)

 Students who are under consideration for expulsion or who have been expelled may not appeal interdistrict attendance denials or decisions while expulsion proceedings are pending, or during the term of the expulsion. (Education Code 46601)

 (cf. 5119 - Students Expelled from Other Districts)

(cf. 5144.1 - Suspension and Expulsion/Due Process)