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Mental Health Program

Mental Health in Schools: A Hidden Crisis

AStudent_Upset.jpgccording to the latest research, one in five students living in the U.S. demonstrates signs or symptoms of a mental health disorder: anxiety, depression, trauma, etc. However the vast majority – nearly 80 percent – who need mental health services, won’t receive them.


Social, emotional and behavioral challenges can have a substantial negative impact on students’ educational progress, including chronic absences, low achievement, disruptive behavior and dropping out. Since every student must attend school, it is a logical and effective place to address mental health needs. In the School-Based Mental Health model we have recently adopted, schools are tasked with identifying students in distress and connecting them to appropriate services.


The SMUHSD has adopted a School-Based Mental Health model to address the growing concerns of student mental health. Learn more.

Community Resources to Help with Questions on Mental Health

iStock Hand Holding  Hope  RockIt takes families, schools and the broader community to work together to address the critical needs of our teens' emotional, spiritual and mental needs.


Please click HERE for a resource list of community partners who are available to support teens and their families here in our community.