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Registration Packet Material 2017-2018

Online Registration Information

Important Information for all Parents, Guardians and Caregivers

A great deal of important information must be made available to you each year.  Traditionally, this information has been provided in printed form. In order to reduce costs and the environmental impact, much of it is now provided to you on-line.  You will find all of this information of interest and you are encouraged to carefully review both the information you are required to review and important additional information resources sections.

Information you are required to review

Parents Rights and Responsibilities 

Parents Rights and Responsibilities Derechos y Responsabilidades de los padres 


Communicating Urgent and Time Sensitive Information with Families via Text Messages

English - Text Messages Mensajes de Texto 關於使用短信發給您重要的資訊


Honesty Affidavit

District Policy requires valid proof of residence for all students.  Please read the following information carefully before signing and completing the affidavit.

Honesty Affidavit - English Declaración Jurada de Honestidad  誠信宣誓書


Acceptable Use Agreement

The San Mateo Union High School District offers student access to the district computer network for electronic mail and the internet.  To gain access to email and the internet all students under the age of 18 must obtain parental permission.  To read the Acceptable Use Agreement, click on the item below

Acceptable Use Agreement  Política de uso aceptable  同意使用互聯網守則 


Authorization for Medication(s) to be Taken During School Hours

Under the California Education Code Section 49423.6, any pupil who is required to take, during the regular school day, prescribed medication may be assisted by a school nurse or other designated school personnel.  To read more about the authorization and access the form click on the item below. This form includes the "Authorization For Use or Disclosure of Health Information" form which authorizes the disclosure and/or use of individually identifiable health information consistent with California Federal Law concerning the privacy of such information. 

Authorization for Medication(s) to be Taken During School Hours Autorización de Medicamentos (s) que se tomarán durante horas de clases 在學校期間服用藥物的授權 


Additional Information

Superintendent Letter for Student Medical/Dental Insurance (Separate coverage is required for football)

The San Mateo Union High School District does not carry medical or dental insurance for students if injured on school premises, while under school jurisdiction, or during school related activiites.  The District has made available to you a medical and dental plan.  To read more about insurance, click on the link below. 

Student Medical/Dental Insurance Seguro Médico/Dental para Estudiantes 學生醫療/牙科保險
Student Insurance Application Solicitud de Seguro Médico para Estudiantes  


Graduation Requirements

All San Mateo Union High School District students must complete a minimum of 220 credits of course work in order to graduate.  To read about the graduation requirements for the district, click on the link below.

Graduation Requirements Requisitos de Graduación 高中畢業要求


School District and Parents/Guardians Responsibilities for Students in the event of a major emergency/disaster

The San Mateo Union High School District has developed an emergency plan to be applied at every school in the event of a major emergency.  To read more about this topic, click on the link below.

Responsibilities in Case of Major Emergency/Disaster Responsabilidades en caso de emergencia grave / Desastre

重大緊急/災難事件- 校區和家長對學生的責任 


School Bus Sticker Program

The San Mateo Union High School District provides Home to School regular education transportation for the Foster City area to the following schools, Aragon High School, Hillsdale High School, and San Mateo High School. Peninsula High School buses will also be provided with pick-up stop available in Foster City, San Mateo, Burlingame, Millbrae, and San Bruno.  To read more about the bus transportation and to obtain the application click on the item below. 

Home to School Transportation Casa a la Escuela de Transporte 2017-2018年上下學交通
Application Aplicación