• Counseling Group 2019-2020

      Welcome to Mills High School Counseling! We offer a variety of resources to support students' academic and personal growth. 

      Our School Counselors provide guidance, expertise and support toward helping students achieve academic, social/emotional and college & career success. They assist with course selection, college applications, personal and academic concerns, and much more. 

      Our College and Career Center is a great resource for students wishing to research colleges and scholarships, as well as opportunities for jobs, internships or community service. Students can also access work permits in the Career Center. 

      Our Wellness Counselors provide a range of mental health supports, including drop-in counseling, individual and group counseling, and psycho-education. They follow a short-term school-based mental health model, and provide referrals to students needing longer term care. 

      Our High School Code (CEEB): 05-1972 

      Our CDS Code: 41-69047-413-4557