• Audition Information/Dates

    Monday, December 11, 4-6 p.m. Music (see below) monologue (30 seconds) (Band Room)

    Memorize a very short monologue of your choice - something funny preferred - no more than 30 seconds long and be familiar with all of the songs below.

    Tuesday, December 12: 4-6 p.m. Dance Audition (Theater)

    Wear comfortable clothing and dance or athletic shoes. Also bring water and maybe a snack as there will be time for breaks.

    Wednesday, December 13: 4-6 p.m. Callbacks (Band Room)


    • Rehearsals start in January (TBA) and performances are TWO weekends (April 19-27, 2024).
    • Rehearsals will be Monday-Thursday each week with some Friday rehearsals.


    Albert Peterson – Conrad Birdie's manager, who formerly aspired to be an English teacher.
    Rose "Rosie" Alvarez – Albert's secretary and long-suffering girlfriend.
    Conrad Birdie – a 1950s rock and roll star a la Elvis Presley. 

    Kim MacAfee – a teenage girl who is chosen to receive the 'one last kiss' from Conrad Birdie who lives in Sweet Apple.
    Mr. MacAfee – Kim and Randolph's befuddled father.
    Mrs. MacAfee – Kim and Randolph's mother. 

    Randolph MacAfee – Kim's well-behaved younger brother.
    Hugo Peabody – Kim's boyfriend or "steady" who is quite jealous of Conrad.
    Mae Peterson – Albert's overbearing and prejudiced mother.
    Ursula Merkle – Kim's hyperactive best friend, a Conrad Birdie enthusiast.
    Gloria Rasputin – A dancing blonde. Mae brings her to Albert, hoping she will be chosen over Rosie.
    The Mayor – the mayor of Sweet Apple.
    The Mayor's Wife – his repressed wife.
    Ed Sullivan – the host of the Ed Sullivan Show.
    Mrs. Merkle - Ursula's mother.
    Maude - owner of Maude's Roadside Retreat; 2nd tenor in male quartet and part of the adult ensemble
    Deborah Sue "Suzie" Miller - One of Kim's best friends. Solo in "Telephone Hour". Margie Johnson - Harvey's sister Solo in "Telephone Hour".
    Alice - The Mayor's daughter, another one of Kim's friends. Solo in "Telephone Hour". Helen - Solo in "Telephone Hour".
    Nancy - Solo in "Telephone Hour".
    Harvey Johnson - The nerdy son of Mr. Johnson. Solo in "Telephone Hour".
    Penelope Ann Henkel - Solo in "Telephone Hour".
    Phyllis - a crippled teenager who moves by wheelchair.
    Charity Garfein - Solo in "Telephone Hour", asked out by Harvey Johnson
    Lee - Close friend to Phyllis, he helps her with her wheelchair.
    Fred - friend, possible boyfriend, of Alice.
    Bob - friend
    Suzie - Kim's friend. Solo in "Telephone Hour" 

    Synopsis (compliments of Tams-Witmark Music Library, Inc.):

    BYE BYE BIRDIE is one of the most captivating musical shows of our time. It tells the story of a rock and roll singer who is about to be inducted into the army. The singer, Conrad Birdie, an Elvis Presley type, has a pompadour and thick sideburns; he wears gaudy gold costumes and speaks in a rugged voice. Albert Peterson, his agent, is a very pleasant mild-mannered young man. 

    Albert's faithful secretary Rose Alvarez keeps him and Birdie moving forward in the world. Rosie concocts one final national publicity plan before Conrad's induction. Conrad will bid a typical American teen-age girl goodbye with an all-American kiss. Kim MacAfee in Sweet Apple, Ohio wins the honor. All of the phones in her town are already busy during The Telephone Hour as Kim has just been pinned to Hugo, a local boy. She is a pretty girl of fifteen and sings with spring-like ardor How Lovely to Be a Woman, as she pulls on the plaid woolen socks and the baggy mustard colored sweater considered stylish and popular among young ladies. 

    The arrival of Birdie in Sweet Apple causes people of all ages to swoon. Birdie says that his success is due to the fact that he is Honestly Sincere when he sings, and the quiet little town goes into a spin. The MacAfee household is completely upset by the visiting celebrity. It is decided that Birdie will give his One Last Kiss on the Ed Sullivan show. Kim's father who laments the whole uproar, tries to break into the act and behaves like a ham on the TV show. Hymn for a Sunday Evening is a salute to the greater glory of Ed Sullivan. 

    Birdie becomes disgusted with his life and goes out on the town with the teenagers. He feels tense with Albert and is tired of being supervised. The parents of Sweet Apple cannot understand the new generation and express this in Kids. Rosie, still waiting for that band of gold from Albert after eight years, invades a Shriners' meeting. An extremely hilarious ballet ensues. She then decides to become the Latin American spitfire that she is painted as, by Albert's leadfooted catastrophe-ridden mother. She is determined to become Spanish Rose. Kim is reunited with Hugo, and Rose with Albert in the lovely number Rosie. Other hit numbers include A Lot of Livin' to Do and Put on a Happy Face. BYE BYE BIRDIE is a satire done with the fondest affection. It gives an insight into the everyday life that is very much part of us all. It is the tops in imagination and frivolity; a show that will be enjoyed by the cast as much as the audience. 


    Act I 

    Overture- Orchestra
    An English Teacher – Rosie
    The Telephone Hour – Helen, Nancy, Alice, Margie, Penelope Ann, Harvey Johnson and Teenagers
    How Lovely to Be a Woman – Kim
    Penn Station Transition/We Love You, Conrad! – Orchestra/Teen Trio
    Put on a Happy Face – Albert
    A Healthy, Normal, American Boy – Albert, Rosie, Teen and Adult Chorus
    One Boy – Kim, Deborah Sue, Alice *One Boy (Reprise) – Rosie
    Honestly Sincere – Conrad Birdie, Ursula, and Teenagers
    Wounded- Ursula, Deborah Sue, and Margie
    Hymn for a Sunday Evening – The McAfee Family & Company
    How to Kill a Man (Ballet) – Rosie, Albert, Company
    One Last Kiss – Conrad & Company
    A Healthy, Normal, American Boy (Reprise, Act One Finale) – The Company

    Act II 

    What Did I Ever See in Him? – Rosie & Kim
    What Did I Ever See in Him? (Reprise) – Rosie
    A Mother Doesn’t Matter Any More – Mae
    A Lot of Livin’ to Do – Conrad, Kim and Teenagers
    Kids – Mr. and Mrs. MacAfee
    Baby, Talk to Me – Albert & Quartet (Maude, dishwasher, bar-goers) Shriner’s Ballet (dance) – Rosie & Shriners
    Kids (Reprise) – Adults, Mr & Mrs Macafee, Randolph
    Spanish Rose – Rosie
    Rosie – Rosie & Albert
    Bye Bye Birdie – the Company
    Finale- Orchestra 

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