ELD Program


    Capuchino High School offers English Language Development (ELD) integrated and Designated language instruction and ELD content classes. These content classes cover the same kind of content and standards as our mainstream content classes, but are specifically designed to meet the language needs of our students. In addition, our ELD teachers have been trained in the use of Constructing Meaning strategies to help support English learners. Constructing Meaning provides teachers with the process and tools for embedding explicit language instruction into content courses.

    Capuchino High School is proud of the diversity that our students  add to our community. We have students from a vast number of countries and who speak a diverse range of languages. Their cultural, ethnic, and linguistic backgrounds add an exciting dimension to our school. We believe it is our collective responsibility to serve the academic, social and emotional needs of our students.  It is our hope that our students will develop linguistic and literacy skills in English as well as continue to strengthen their mother tongues.

    The course descriptions for classes which support ELD instruction can be found here