Family Engagement

  • Welcome to the Mills community!

    This is where it all begins!  You are invited to participate in all our activities and evening meetings.  For this school year we have two more meetings left; December 13th and February 14th at 6:30 pm in the library. We are looking forward to seeing you!

    Some of the things I can assist you with:

    • Coordinate informative evening meetings in Spanish for parents and guardians; 
    • Serve as an interpreter in casual or formal meetings; 
    • Meet with families individually to inform or enroll them into school services such as; the lunch program or school loop;
    • Refer families to other resources in the community; 
    • Send general messages in Spanish about events and activities at school; and
    • Be the link between school and the family

    We will update this site periodically with important dates and information for the Mills families.

    Please note I am on site at Mills on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

    Also, if you have any suggestions, please email me at


    Upcoming Events

    Mills High School Le Invita a

    Mindfulness... "Encontrando mi Paz, a pesar de todo"

    Le invitamos a aprender nuevas técnicas para realizar todo su potencial e incrementar su inteligencia emocional.

    Un ameno taller facilitado por:
    Martha Vasquez
    Proveedora de salud emocional

    Miércoles 2/26, 3/4, 3/11 y 3/18 de 6:30 pm a 8:30 pm, en la sala de maestros (Faculty Lounge).

    Reserve su lugar llamando a Vilma Olivera: 650-558-2578


    讓 ⼈人 ⽣生 的 轉 折 邁 向 成 功


    Rebecca Niu
    ⼀位母親:雙胞胎⼥兒 是Hillsdale⾼中的12 年級學⽣;

    在兩年半之前從中國⼤ 陸搬遷到美國;





    - 對我最重要的價值觀是什麼?這些

    - ⽬前在我⽣活中最重要的⼀⽅⾯,


    時間: 18:30-20:30
    2⽉月26⽇日 3⽉月4⽇日
    3⽉月11⽇日 3⽉月18⽇日
    地點: Mills⾼高中圖書館


    聯繫⼈: Vilma Olivera 或電話:650-558-2578


    Vilma Olivera
    Vilma Olivera
    Family Engagement Coordinator
    Coordinadora de Participación Familiar 
    650-558- 2677