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    The Mills High School Counseling Team nurtures students’ academic, career and social/emotional development through a comprehensive program that promotes student growth and learning. Through leadership, advocacy and collaboration, our counselors support equity and access to educational experiences that lead to college and career success. 


    If you have errors on your schedule or would like to request a schedule change, please click on your counselor below and fill out the Google form.  10th, 11th and 12th graders please note that your counselor may have changed since last year; counselor assignments are listed on student schedules. 

    Mack (Last Names A-Fr)

    Laux (Last Names Fun-Lee)

    Vasquez (Last Names Lei-Ng)

    Stillman (Last Names Ngo-Z)

    If you completed a summer course which you'd like to use as a prerequisite, fill out the Summer Course Completer Form


    In case you missed it, please review the Concurrent Enrollment Info Session slide deck. Please make special note of slides #18 and 28, which include application & enrollment workshop dates.

    Students and families are responsible for the following:

    • Ensuring outside programs are offered through WASC Accredited institutions and are UC A-G approved. 
    • Covering the cost of tuition fees and related expenses.
    • Submitting an official transcript to the school site’s SDA upon completion of the course. Failure to do so may put your graduation status at risk. 12th grade students in their spring semester must submit evidence of course completion by two days before graduation day in order to be included in the ceremony.

    SMUHSD will not transfer credit from an accredited institution to the high school transcript under the following conditions:

    1. The course has not received pre-approval and does not fall within one of the conditions below.
    2. The course is taken for enrichment, but is not needed for graduation or college entrance.
    3. The course exceeds the 40 credit limit (BP-AR-E-6141.11). 
      [3 C.C. units = 5 H.S. credits / 5 C.C. units = 10 H.S. credits]
    4. The course is not from an Accredited institution and/or is not A-G approved. 

    Appropriate Credit Approval (ACA):

    1. Due to circumstances related to COVID-19
    2. Make up a course.
    3. Part of an approved early graduation plan.
    4. Language not offered at high school.
    5. Compelling academic need for a course as detailed in a 4-year plan.

    SMUHSD is not responsible for monitoring student progress, providing academic support, or remediating/ supplementing skills/content offered by these outside courses. 

    Please complete the following forms to request pre-approval for any courses offered outside of SMUHSD: