School Counseling

  • Welcome to the School Counseling department!  We will return to Aragon the first week of August 2022 and are excited to welcome THREE new counselors to our team!  We will post more information about ourselves and our team later in the summer.  We look forward to meeting and see you!

    The School Counseling Team works with the school community to provide guidance, expertise and support under the National Model for School Counseling in the areas of Academic, Career and Social/Emotional development. Through classroom presentations, individual meetings, parent presentations, staff development and collaboration the counselors work with the school community in a variety of ways.

    The counseling team provides support to students so they can successfully reach their academic and personal goals. From questions about alternative learning programs to figuring out which classes are best for students, we help advise our students in selecting an academic pathway that accommodates their needs as Aragon students.

    Questions about your classes for the Fall 2022?  We will answer those in early August.  Have a great summer!



    Interested in taking a course OUTSIDE of SMUHSD Summer of 2022?

    Please see our Concurrent Enrollment page for more details about Concurrent Enrollment with our Community Colleges!

    For ANY course that is being taken outside of the SMUHSD, it must be pre-approved with Aragon's SMUHSD Outside Course Pre-Approval Form.

    Thank you!

School Counselors