Tuesday, May 10, 2021    


    Final Assessment Schedule (May 21 - May 26, 2021) The full schedule can be found linked here. As noted on the form, 12th grade students who have completed their coursework to a satisfactory level are not required to attend the Final Assessment periods. During these days, members of the Class of 2021 will return learning materials, may engage in school sponsored activities, and will participate in graduation rehearsal (rehearsal participation is mandatory). Seniors who have not yet completed all course work satisfactorily, should be directed to attend class periods and/or office hours with teachers so that they may complete necessary course requirements.


    CHS 9th-11th Grade Families and Students: We're close to the finish line of our 2020-2021 school year and will need you to return items that have been checked out to your student. You can return them now if they are no longer needed for classes Monday through Friday, 8-3 PM at our school library. Or you can return them on our Material Return Dates: May 24 - May 26: 1:30-3 PM and May 28: 8-11 AM


    Class of 2021 Grad Night: Our family-sponsored Grad Night Event is now closed to further reservations. Those who are attending, we ask that you dress comfortably that evening for the event. Please keep in mind the everchanging Bay Area weather and dress in layers. We are looking forward to you having a fabulous night!


    Homeless Shelter Donation Drive: We need your help! We are holding our last donation drive for this semester to support the homeless people in our county. There will be a donation bin outside the main office starting Thursday 5/13-5/20 during school hours.  We are accepting donations such as hygiene products: deodorant, shaving razors in packages, toothbrushes, toothpastes, floss, etc. New clothing of any kind: shirts, pants, shoes, socks and specifically male undergarments are in high need. If you have any questions please feel free to email Mr. Bywater at dbywater@smuhsd.org. Thank you all for your support this entire year. 


    Cap Community Action Against Hate: In our continued Cap Community Action Against Hate, we are featuring one “I am from” poem each day in the Daily Bulletin and our website: https://www.smuhsd.org/Page/13452. Today’s featured poem is from our student Xenia Gomez Iniguez. If you are able to join us in this action for healing and solidarity, please share your poem with Ms. Kuei nkuei@smuhsd.org. Templates to help you write your poem can be found here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1xmt5HiPAXcucg5TtWiJWg-1dDF_fpjCQ?usp=sharing.


  • Club Meetings


    Latinos Unidos meets @2:45. Come and learn what this club is all about! You don't have to be Latino to join. For questions please contact Ms. Alvarez, Ms. Govea, or Mr. Rodriguez 

    Zoom link: https://smuhsd-org.zoom.us/j/91041000364


    Leos Club: Come volunteer to help our community with Capuchino’s Leos Club. We are a community service club open to all students at Capuchino! Join us at https://smuhsd-org.zoom.us/j/94204444991 every Tuesday at 2:45 with password leos!
    Marine Biology Club: Meets Tuesdays at 2:45pm. Zoom Link https://smuhsd-org.zoom.us/j/93710329332

    SMAC! The San Mateo Activist Club believes that Black Lives Matter, that all humans are equal and that we need to be actively Anti-Racist. We want you to join our cause! We meet every other Tuesday at 2:45pm. Our upcoming meetings are February 2nd and February 16th - All are welcome!


    The Women’s Advocacy Club: We believe that women’s voices should be heard in our community. Come learn about how to fight gender stereotypes and inequalities! The Women’s Advocacy Club meets on Tuesdays at 2:55, and you don’t have to identify as female to join. Contact Ms. Lemire for more information! Membership Form: https://forms.gle/sSj8mRJBFjJrYPue9

    Zoom Link: https://smuhsd-org.zoom.us/j/94306404133



    Animal Awareness Club: The Animal Awareness Club (AAC) will focus on what we as students can do from where we are in order to help animals around. Our club will consist of organizing fundraisers to donate to animals in shelters, inform ourselves about animal cruelty, find ways to aid endangerment or extinction, explore ways in which we can get service hours by volunteering for animals, many fun movie nights about animals that are endangered, and other pet activities.
    Meeting Wednesdays at 2:15-2:45pm (30 minutes)
    Zoom Link: https://smuhsd-org.zoom.us/j/97081285225

    CHS Mentorship Program: Join CHS Mentorship to gain critical insight on the college application process as well as to obtain useful tips on how to de-stress and stay positive. Our meetings occur every other Wednesday (see Instagram) at 2:30pm. We hope to see you there!!

    Sign Up Link: https://forms.gle/oNvcJxHvqU6xD46K9

    Zoom Link: https://zoom.us/j/99699245829?pwd=S1g2QStsR05oV3d1R0F1djB0Z2Rudz09


    The Capuchino Environmental Club is looking for motivated individuals who are looking to do their part to prevent our ongoing climate crisis.

    Zoom link  https://www.smuhsd.org/Page/1071

    Meeting ID: 966 0997 6559

    Passcode: capuchino


    FAIM/Ceramics club: FAIM and Ceramics clubs return this year ...with a twist! Come and find out what to expect every other Wednesday after school at 2:45pm

    ZOOM link: https://smuhsd-org.zoom.us/j/98466747486


    Interact Club hopes to see you at our next meeting! We’ll be holding them every other Wednesday, 10 minutes after 7th period ends, at 2:20 PM. We’re welcoming new and returning members, so don’t forget to register! https://bit.ly/2FGiS6c  



    French Club: Meets every Thursday 3:15-3:45pm

    Zoom Link https://www.google.com/url?q=https://smuhsd-org.zoom.us/j/94261310963&sa=D&ust=1605832076424000&usg=AOvVaw1YpM7gA3V2-7REWQxwX3Xl


    Black Student Union: Meets every Friday @2:45pm Zoom Link https://smuhsd-org.zoom.us/j/94552907331


    Drama Club: Meets on Fridays @ 2:45. You don't have to be an actor to love theater! Join us to make new friends, learn fun stuff about acting, stagecraft, costuming, and more – even play a random kahoot or two. Zoom Link: https://smuhsd-org.zoom.us/j/95426608342


    Grupo Folklórico de CHS: Hey Mustangs! Grupo Folklórico de CHS has restarted practices this school year!  Join us today! We meet the 2nd and 4th Friday of each month from 2:45-3:30 on Zoom: https://smuhsd-org.zoom.us/j/93909634355Fill out our google form if you´re interested: https://forms.gle/CW4PnkgDsGKj12Xs9 


    JamSquad Club meets at 2:45pm 

    Zoom link https://smuhsd-org.zoom.us/j/91773722688?pwd=VDJIMXZDeVdQdHBHWjhFRnJhZFlwdz09


    Math Club: Capuchino's Math Club meets on Fridays from 2:45 to 3:15. Please come join us for math puzzles and topics not covered in your regular math class. Zoom Link:  https://smuhsd-org.zoom.us/my/capcastro.


    Poly Club meets at 2-2:45pm

    Zoom link https://us02web.zoom.us/j/2133147577?pwd=M1U4ZWtKR1ErQ1hPOHJmRnhaYjFaQT09

    SAGA Club Meeting:
    SAGA (Sexuality and Gender Alliance) meets at lunch via ZOOM.  Please email/CANVAS message Ms. Henricks or Mx. Truc for the Zoom link---All are welcome! 


    Please contact Mr. Bywater for information regarding clubs and other student activities. dbywater@smuhsd.org