Concussion Protocol

  • San Mateo Union High School District prioritizes player safety, and there are key phases to the San Mateo Union High School District’s comprehensive concussion prevention and care program, both in athletics and academics. Initial steps in athletics include immediate removal and parent/guardian notification, meaning that if a player is suspected of sustaining an injury to the head, they are immediately removed from the athletic competition or practice.

    Sideline procedures for concussion protocols also include employing full-time Athletic Trainers, knowledgeable and experienced professionals, who make it their priority to keep players safe and healthy. The Athletic Trainers follow the CIF Concussion Return to Play (RTP) Protocol which begins once the athlete's physician gives clearance to return to play. Once medical clearance is received in writing, steps include: light exercise, to running in the gym or on field with no helmet and thus no contact, to light contact, to full contact, to being eligible for competition.

    In terms of academic support, time for the brain to rest both physically and mentally is strongly recommended following the diagnosis of a concussion. Students with concussions are provided slow integration back into academics through, for example, extended time to take tests and complete homework, time in the school health office to address headaches, and the option to attend school for only half days. The Site Health Aides will notify students' teachers and guidance counselor, once a diagnosis of a concussion is received from a medical provider, and will provide staff with the District's Graduated Academic Re-Entry Plan following a Concussion.