Computer Science

  • Computer Science Principles

    Grade Level:  9-12

    This course is an introduction to computer science that uses UC Berkeley’s CS10 “Beauty & Joy of Computing” curriculum.  Students learn algorithms and use programming techniques to solve problems. The course covers the history, social implications, great principles, future of computing, beautiful applications that have changed the world, and progress in other fields that has resulted from computers and programming.  Relevance of computing to the student and society will be emphasized. Students will complete a number of substantial programming projects. Coding in Python is also covered. Students may choose to take the AP CS Principles exam. Class assignments will include the portfolio tasks required for the AP.  All the topics on the exam will be covered in class. This course is the equivalent to a 1 semester Computer Science for non-major college course.

    This course meets the UC/CSU A-G “G” elective requirement.

    This course meets the CTE district graduation requirement.


    AP Computer Science A

    Prerequisite:  Algebra 2 with a grade of C or better.

    This is a two semester computer programming course. The emphasis is on programming methodology, algorithms, and data structures. The programming language used is JAVA. Applications of computing provide the context in which these subjects are treated. Applications are used to develop student awareness of the need for particular algorithms and data structures, and to provide topics for programming assignments to which students can apply their knowledge. Treatments of computer systems and the social implications of computing are integrated into the course. This course is the equivalent of an introductory, one semester college level programming course for computer science majors.

    This course meets the UC/CSU “C” Mathematics requirement.

    This course meets the CTE district graduation requirement.