Engineering Technology

  • Engineering Technology

    Grade Level: 9-12

    Prerequisites: Algebra 1 or concurrently enrollment

    In this course students will apply the principles of science and mathematics to develop solutions to technical problems. Students will perform activities that incorporate a variety of fun and interesting experiments designed to appeal to their imagination by using motion, light, sound, and tactile feedback. These activities introduce students to a variety of basic principles in the fields of computer programming, electricity and electronics.  Projects in robotics are used to get students excited about the fields of robotics, mechanics, and software development as they design, construct, and program a robot. Hands-on activities and projects will be used throughout the course. Students will be made aware of the paths and certifications that can lead to careers in engineering and engineering technology.

    This course meets the UC/CSU “G” elective requirement.

    This course meets the CTE district graduation requirement.