Engineering Technology

  • Engineering Technology 

    Grade Level: 9-12 

    Prerequisites: Algebra 1 or concurrently enrollment 

    In this course students will apply the principles of science and mathematics to design and develop solutions to technical problems.  Engineering Technology is the practical application of science and engineering to a wide range of real world problems.  Students will be introduced to the engineering design process and learn to apply it through various hands-on activities and projects.  Students will have the opportunity to work individually and in collaborative teams to develop and document designs in order to solve problems in various disciplines of engineering.  Students will also be introduced to 3D modeling software, hand tools, 3D printers and machine equipment as part of the problem solving process.  Students will be made aware of the paths and certifications that can lead to careers in engineering and engineering technology. 

    This course meets the UC/CSU “G” elective requirement. 

    This course also meets the CTE district graduation requirement.