ELD English

  • Integrated ELD 1-3

    In Integrated ELD courses, teachers use the CA ELA standards to guide instruction with direct linguistic support to assist students at the initial stages of language acquisition and in the mastery of those standards that will enable ELD students  to access rigorous sheltered and/or mainstream curriculum.

    Designated ELD 1-3

    In Designated ELD courses, based on the language needs of EL students, teachers support students in the acquisition of the English language using the CA ELD standards as a framework for their instruction. Students in ELD I-III work on the language skills needed to progress into the emerging, bridging, or mainstream stage of language acquisition. Through the application of ELD instructional strategies, students develop skills necessary to make gains towards proficiency of the four language domains (speaking, listening, reading, and writing)  through a variety of performance-based tasks.