General Tips for Website Postings

  • Please contact the BHS Webmaster for any website page additions, updates, or corrections.

    Please follow these tips and guidelines in order to simplify and expedite requests. Generally requests will be posted in 1-3 days. It will be the responsibility of the requester to proofread and verify accuracy of the information being submitted. Incomplete information will be sent back to requester for corrections.

    • Posting requests must be submitted in a complete format and location of posting must be specified in order to avoid any confusion. It can be submitted as an attachment (.pdf, .doc, .txt, etc) or within the email request. All associated pictures must be submitted by requester. Attachments can be submitted directly to
    • Users requesting NEWS items to be posted must submit the NEWS item to room A134 (Ms Mosqueda). They should be reviewed and approved by a school Administrator or the club Advisors prior to submitting
    • Corrections/changes to an existing posting should also be submitted in a complete format. To avoid confusion, instead of requesting multiple changes (or a list of changes) please re-submit the entire posting (or paragraph within posting), unless it is a specific date and/or name correction.
    • Site pages created or owned by a specific User will not be edited unless Owner has given permission. Requester will be notified in these situations.
    • Home page postings will be prominently placed depending on date of activity and relativity to BHS. Space is limited on the main Home page