Aragon Parent Teacher Student Organization A-News

  • About A-News

    A-News is the electronic newsletter published by the Parent Teacher Student Organization twice a month with the latest information of what is going on around campus.  

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    Submitting Information for A-News

    IMPORTANT: Please read the following carefully! The deadlines are firm, submissions after the deadline cannot be included in the next A-News.

    Submitting Dates/Calendar Items

    Submit your dates for the A-News in the format shown in the attached spreadsheet. Please consolidate the dates from your committee’s calendar and put it in this format. This ensures less human error and reformatting delays, and makes it possible to sort the events in chronological order. Do not modify the column named “this is how it will look on the calendar of events.”

    If there are dates in your articles, please be sure you have sent them in the spreadsheet too. Remember, the only dates that will be shown at the top of the A-News are the ones sent in the spreadsheet.  If you already know your calendar for the year, you may submit the events for the entire year.  Everything will be in the master file, but we only post the next couple of months in the A-News.  You are also free to submit updates as you have them.

    Submitting Articles

    All articles must be emailed to Kimberly Jo-Vogel on or before the deadline dates listed below. They should be formatted in MS Word with an Arial typeface and 12 point font. Please include a clear title for the article. Remember to include your name and contact information for any possible follow up questions.

    Click HERE for A-News submission deadlines.