• Unexcused Absences & Truancies: Ed. Code 48260, 48261, 48262, 48913

    An unexcused absence is a any absence that does not fall under the excuse absences list above (illness, medical excuse, religious holidays, court mandated appearance, or funeral of a close family member). A truant (or cut) is an absence that occurred without office notification.

    1. A student will receive a cut/truancy when the absence is not cleared. A cut/truancy is marked as a "T" on a student's attendance report.
    2. No credit is allowed for work missed as a result of a cut/truancy or unexcused absence.
    3. A student's grade may will be severely affected by work missed due to a cut/truancy or unexcused absence.
    4. Cutting/truant students are not allowed to participate in any extracurricular activities for that same day

    NOTE: Once a student has arrived on campus, he/she may not leave campus except with a permit to leave from the attendance office. Students leaving campus prior to checking out of the attendance office will be marked as a 'CUT'.