Tardy Policy


    1. Students are tardy if they are not in their classroom seat when the last bell rings or if they arrive late without a pass.
    2. A student who is tardy to school is recommended to sign-in at the Attendance office before going to class.
    3. No credit is allowed for work missed when a student is tardy from class.
    4. Students have 48 hours to clear a tardy. After this time, the tardy becomes part of the student's permanent record and cannot be cleared, except by administration.
    5. The number of tardies is based on a student's attendance record. Parents may clear a tardy or cuts/truancies within 48 hours of the date posted only if there is a clerical error. Students can also clear their cuts/truancies by picking up an 'Attendance Correction form' from the attendance office and have the teacher verify and mark the appropriate section and sign the form, before the student can return to the attendance office for the correction to be made.