Special Education

  • Special Education at Peninsula High School aims to support students in achieving success in their General Education classes through the Co-Teaching/Inclusion Model with Specialized Academic Instruction for additional support. Our program focuses on helping students build foundational reading and math skills, strong organizational and study habits, finishing online Compass courses, progressing in vocational and post-secondary Education Plan (IEP) goals, and successfully completing assignments for General Education classes. We believe in providing the best in education to meet the needs/challenges that some of our students face.  

    We provide regular support, one-on-one counseling, Co-teaching support, Directed Studies, and active engagement in a students IEP with their regular education teachers. Our goal is to support your student to meet their needs for future college and career success. Additionally, our program works to foster self-advocacy skills. Students will receive direct instruction around the components of their IEP, track and monitor progress towards their IEP goals, and become familiar with accommodations and modifications documented in their IEP. Students will practice skills to become strong self-advocates in order to ensure they can access every opportunity and essential skill to survive and develop critical thinking skills that allow for academic, personal, social, economic and global success.