Meet our Wellness Counselors

  • Peninsula High School offers students the unique privilege of a mental health therapist available on campus. The mental health therapist’s role is designed to support students and their families in effectively addressing various social and emotional concerns that may arise during school.  This is in addition to supporting all our students as full rounded individuals whose needs might be outside of strictly academic guidance.
    Students can utilize services on their own and may also be referred by teachers, guidance counselors, parents, assistant principals, staff, and friends.
    The Peninsula High School Mental Health Therapist is a full time advocate on campus who works to support students through assessments of needs, works with faculty and parents to resolve problems, mediates between students, connects students and families to resources on and off campus and provides a safe place to discuss and process concerns. In addition, several volunteer mental health and PPS trainees will be placed on the school site to assist students as needed. Ultimately, students are best supported toward academic success through the utilization of this role.  In order for students to take advantage of this program, please sign the consent form and have your student return it to the school.
    Our Mental Health Therapist, Lara L. Montoya, MS, LMFT/Wellness Counselor has many years of experience supporting youth and families in clinical and educational settings.  In addition to crisis support, she provides our students with short-term, solutions focused therapy to help navigate the myriad struggles they face.
  • Mr. Dan Michalske has enjoyed engaging with the young adults as a Wellness Counselor at Peninsula High School for the past three years. It is an honor to work with the tremendous PUMA family--administration, teachers, and staff--at this excellent high school. I am excited to collaborate with the students to overcome the challenges of COVID and support each and every one of them on their individual road to success !
  • Ms. Montoya
    Lara L. Montoya, MS, LMFT 
    Wellness Counselor
    Peninsula High School
    T: 650-558-2435
  •  Mr. Michalske
    Dan Michalske
    Wellness Counselor--TUPE Project
    PHS : 650-558-2476
    District Office : 650-558-2299