Technology FAQs for CHS Families

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    1.  Are we using Schoolloop?  No. Students and teachers will be using Canvas for assignments and grades.

    2.  Will families/parents have access to Canvas? 

    • Yes! Families will have a way to sign into Canvas from a computer or the Canvas Parent App
    • Family members must sit down with the student to view Canvas from a desktop or laptop, have the student sign into their Canvas Student account to access the “pairing code” that connects their account to a family member’s..  
    • Canvas Parent App Set Up Instructions, as well as in the letter sent home in early August.

    3. What will the Canvas Parent App and Canvas Parent Observer Account allow me to do?

    • Families will be able to see current students' courses, grades, assignments, course syllabi.
    • Note:  The Canvas App will NOT be available for parents to create their account until teachers have "published" their courses. 

    4. What is the Canvas Parent App? 

    5.  How do I download the Canvas Parent App?

     6. How to do I access and create a Canvas Parent Observer Account? 

     7. How do I change language settings in my Canvas Account? 

    8.  Is there an App for Students?  

    • Yes!  Students should download the free Canvas Student App and set their notifications to only be:
    • Announcements / Submission Comment / Added to a Conversation / Conversation Message
    • Instructions for how to sign into the phone app will be on the students' technology orientations sheets  They should search SMUHSD for the Institution upon signing in.  They will use their email to sign in after.

    9. Account Access and Setup Issues can be supported at the sites. If there are questions that students are not able to get answered by the videos, they can email their school’s techhelp desk at:


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    10.  How do I see information on a desktop or laptop otherwise?

    • Sign into the AERIES parent/family Portal.  (This information has also been sent home)
    • Sign into the Canvas Parent Observer Account- (same username and password as the Canvas Parent App)

    11.  What is the AERIES Portal for?   Families can use the AERIES Portal to:

    • See student's attendance
    • See the 6-week report card grades
    • Send messages to teacher through AERIES communications (goes to their email)
    • See transcripts

    12.  How do I create an account for Aeries and access it? 

    13. What is the EASIEST way to message teachers?  

    • Through your email service (teacher email addresses will be listed on the electronic syllabus for each course, which can be found in the Canvas Parent App)
    • Parents can locate teacher emails in Aeries as well as use the “communications” tool in Aeries itself.   

    14.  Where do we find news about school happenings?  Check your school via the District Website at 

    • Students will be able to keep up with school news and announcements through the Canvas Student Center. This will be the replacement for what they knew to be "Schooloop News".  

    15. If my student is having trouble with their accounts, Canvas, etc., where do I send them?

    • Students should first check in with their teacher to see if their teacher can answer the question, as well as the help guides in Canvas.
    • Students can check in with their Librarians before or after school as well as during lunch.
    • If the above two don't work, STUDENTS can email school’s help desk.

    16.  How will students learn all THEY need to know about the technology?  

    • Schools will be hosting technology orientations led by teachers.  


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