Network Engineering Series


    (1) NETX 400 - Introduction to Local Area Network
    Cisco Academy Course-CNNA 1 An introductory course in networking, with focus on local area networks (LAN). Topics include LAN hardware (network interface cards, hubs, switches, and SOHO routers), LAN topologies, network administration through MS Windows, the OSI reference model and the TCP/IP protocol stack. Ethernet operation, IP network addressing and routing, and TCP/IP transport protocols are explored with lecture, on-line module and hands-on activity. This course is aligned with the first odule of the Cisco Network Academy (CCNA-1) and includes a student enrollment in the Academy.

    Units: 3 

    (2) NETX 443 - Introduction to Linux Administration 

    An introductory course in Linux administration in a networked environment, including instructor-directed hands-on activities. Students will install a Linux system and perform basic administrative tasks using the BASH shell. Topics include system architecture, FHS, GNU and UNIX commands, devices and Linux file systems, network configuration and troubleshooting, and printing systems. Patterned after Linux Professional Institute and CompTIA Linux certification objectives.

    Units: 3.5
    (3) NETX 423: Mobile Device Connectivity Support  

     The essentials of mobile device end-user support, including over-the-air technologies, network infrastructure, mobile device management, security, and troubleshooting techniques. Students will gain the knowledge and skills required to understand, deploy, and troubleshoot mobile devices. Patterned after CompTIA Mobility+ Certification.

    Units: 2