Arts, Media & Entertainment Pathway

  • Media Arts
    Grade: 9-12
    Duration: Year
    Credits: 10
    UC/CSU: Yes; “f” – VAPA, CTE
    Prerequisite: None

    This one-year course introduces students to the fundamentals of traditional art through
    technology exploration as media. Topics covered include the elements of art, principles of design,
    fine art, graphic design, visual communication, media, and provides career exploration. Students
    will develop creative expression, solve visual problems, explore software and develop digital
    imaging techniques. Students will develop a digital portfolio as well as art historical appreciation.

    Art & Multimedia Advanced
    Grade: 10-12
    Duration: Year
    Credits: 10
    UC/CSU: Yes; “f”-VAPA, CTE
    Prerequisite: Art & Multimedia

    This one-year course is an advanced approach to design theory and visual communication in the
    contemporary setting using digital art applications. There is a focus on the development of
    students’ creative problem solving skills as well as developing more complex design applications
    as applicable to visual communication and media. Students will learn and use their gained
    knowledge of the way recognized artists and designers express complex ideas through imagery.
    Students will synthesize their own ideas and the use of imagery as tool for communicating
    complex ideas. May be repeated for credit.

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    Media Arts

    Grade:                           9-12 
    Duration:                       Year 
    Credits:                         10 
    UC/CSU:                       Yes; “f” - VAPA
    Prerequisite:                  None 

    In this one-year course, students learn the basics of photography using their own cameras. They will apply the elements of art and principles of design to photographic compositions. Digital studio experiences will give the students the opportunity to develop technical abilities in Photoshop, creative expression, visual perception, and career explorations as well as art-historical appreciation.

    Grade:                          10-12 
    Duration:                       Year 
    Credits:                         10 
    UC/CSU:                       Yes; “f” - VAPA
    Prerequisite:                  Digital Photography  

    This one year course is an advanced approach to digital photography. There is a focus on visual problem solving and the development of more conceptual images. Students will need to develop more advanced composition and technical skills and develop a body of work that is suitable for art school portfolios, display and exhibition. Students will write an artist statement, do a research project based on careers and art history.


    Digital Photography

    Grade: 10-12
    Duration: Year
    Credits: 10
    UC/CSU: Yes; “f” - VAPA,
    Prerequisite: Drama or Musical Theatre

    This CTE course provides students with examples of real world professional theatre opportunities and
    develops the skills needed to build a career. Focus includes: resume, headshot, writing, directing, design,
    and performance.