2018-2019 District Goals

  • Goal 1: Academic Achievement

    In order to drive progress on our bold, common vision to increase academic expectations and performance in creating college and career ready students, we are committed to:

    • Increasing the academic achievement of students as identified in LCAP Goal 2-Achievement and Equity Goals increase A-G completion from 74% to 79%, reduce D/F rates by 5%, increase AP/IB test taking by 5%, improve graduation rates from 90.8% to 92%, decrease dropout rate from 6.8% to 5.0%, increase English Learner progress, and improve other measures of performance (see LCAP Goals/Metrics), increase expectations and outcomes for our historically underserved groups of students through high-quality assessments and feedback as measured by one years worth of academic growth in ones year time
    • Implementing the homework policy with fidelity while considering modifications as needed based on community input
    • Constructing and ensuring a robust multi-tiered system of support (MTSS) for all students
    • Ensure all students have access to class content through Canvas LMS and develop technology and technical skills to be effective consumers of online content
    • Continue to provide teachers with high-quality professional learning opportunities to increase effective collaboration on Canvas as well in-person
    • Explore ways to improve CTE and Career Counseling so students have purpose, first level training, and the beginnings of personal direction
    • Continue broad and deep implementation of Constructing Meaning and Integrated and Designated ELD district-wide and across all content areas in order to support and increase the academic achievement and engagement of all students, with a particular focus on our long-term English Learners and ELD students.
    • Conduct Special Education study group to examine staffing levels, department goals, programs, curriculum, ways to increase student achievement, and other topics with recommendations to the board in March, 2019 and the implementation of most recommendations in the 2019-2020 school year.

    Goal 2: Stewardship of Resources

    In order to ensure the district’s long-term fiscal health and overall stewardship of resources, we are committed to:

    • Explore staff housing either at the district’s Crestmoor property or at Mills High School
    • Building Peninsula High School
    • Continue Sustainability efforts with an emphasis on engaging students
    • Reducing paper usage and photocopying costs
    • Explore the possibility of a 2020 bond initiative while sharing the successes of the district’s building program
    • Improving safety through security camera systems

    Goal 3: Student Support Services

    In order to further develop our mental health services to support students’ well-being, we are committed to:

    • Build a sense of connection among students with their schools and reverse data seen on last CHKS survey
    • Sexual consent and Title IX involvement - training for all students, parents, and staff
    • Building staff Cultural Responsiveness and began identifying systematic obstacles for our students of color and from low income backgrounds
    • Build a sustainable and effective mental health model with appropriate funding levels


    Approved by the Board September 13, 2018

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