Equity and Anti-Bias

  • Mission Statement of the Equity and Anti-Bias Committee

    The Equity and Anti-Bias Committee is searching for ways to support our school’s attempt to raise staff, teacher and student awareness regarding how race and other factors affect our behavior, thinking, curriculum and the environment at our school community. We are committed to open discussion, formulating a clear policy, providing resources and meaningful training to help all staff. 

    We are confident that the formulation and efforts of this committee will be an opportunity to communicate with one another and understand our own struggles and experiences surrounding bias. We are in this together. And together, we will all put our best efforts towards a common goal- to ensure that we treat others and that we are treated with the dignity and respect we each deserve.


    Core Values of Our District - The San Mateo Union High School District


    Mission...a statement of system purpose and critical means

    The mission of the San Mateo Union High School District is to challenge and motivate each student to achieve full potential as a responsible member of our diverse community, in a safe learning environment that promotes intellectual growth, health, creativity, and respect for self and others.

    Beliefs...fundamental convictions and basic values

     We believe that:

    • Each individual has equal inherent dignity and worth.
    • Family is essential to the development of an individual's values.
    • Learning develops the aesthetic, emotional, intellectual, practical, and social aspects of the whole person.
    • Learning is a unique, personal, and lifelong experience.
    • Motivation is essential for reaching one's potential.
    • Higher expectations yield higher results.
    • Communities have a responsibility to the individual as individuals have a responsibility to the community.
    • Diversity enriches the community.