Individual Learning Plan

  • The individual learning plan (ILP) is developed by the teacher in collaboration with the Induction Mentor.  The purpose of the individual learning plan is to provide induction teachers with choices that allow them to set goals and pursue professional development and activities that help them reflect on their practice and experience professional growth.  ILP goals for each participating teacher are developed within the context of the ILP within the first 60 days of the teacher’s enrollment in the program. The ILP will not be used for evaluation purposes, and is designed and implemented solely for the professional growth of the participating teacher.  The ILP will be submitted at the conclusion of spring semester in the form of electronic documents (through the LMS Canvas), with a mid-year reflection and progress update submitted at the end of fall semester. The mid-year reflection and progress update will also be an opportunity for induction teachers to adjust their goals and individual learning plan with their Mentor  as appropriate. The Candidate selects inquiry activities and professional learning opportunities in collaboration with their Mentor in alignment with their growth goals.

    Please refer to the Teacher Induction Handbook for more information about the Individual Learning Plan.