Red backpack

    Dear Families:


    I hope you are so excited about the coming school year that you can hardly stand it!  While the summer offers a chance at rejuvenation, it is the time we spend with your students that gives our work and, to a large part, our lives a sense of meaning. Thank you for being a part of our District. 


    While our students consistently report that they feel physically safe, there are too many cases where students don’t feel as secure as they should. When I was a kid the expression, “sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me” was as untrue as it is now. As always, we want to know if your student is having any negative experiences associated with school that they may need help in addressing. 


    Many families drive their students to school. While it offers a chance for you to spend a few minutes bonding with your child, the downside is that traffic around our campuses can feel like “carmageddon.”  Walkers’ and bikers’ safety is diminished, and we all suffer from higher emissions. Can I gently encourage your student to walk, take the bus, carpool with a neighbor, or bike to school?


    We will be rolling out a new way for you to report your student’s absences online that will save families time. Look for information in upcoming communications from the District and your school. 


    If you think your student might be eligible for a free lunch, please visit our website to learn how to apply. Every student can and should have enough to eat so they can do their best in class, and qualifying for a free lunch also gives students other opportunities like access to free or discounted bus passes, wifi at home and a host of other programs and services. Additionally, we are rolling out some other changes that will give all students access to school activities such as football and basketball games for free. See the upcoming Superintendent’s Newsletter for more information.


    Finally, I want to put in a plug for juniors and seniors enrolling in a community college courses taught on our campus. Some compelling classes are planned at Hillsdale, San Mateo, Mills and Capuchino High Schools this fall semester. More information can be found on our website  or through your student’s counselor.


    Thanks, as always, for your support and the work you do as your student’s first teacher.



    Kevin Skelly, Ph.D.