2019-2020 District Goals

  • Goal 1: Provide a consistent, rigorous and engaging educational experience for all students

    1. Implement professional development for all staff members on bias and equity issues in order to develop a more culturally responsive and equitable school system for all students.
    2. Sustain, refine, and permanently adopt the Instructional Coaching Program to promote teacher growth and critical reflection around instructional practices to support all learners in the classroom.
    3. Refine SMUHSD’s instructional standards/priorities and provide high quality professional development aligned to those standards for all staff.
    4. Provide all newly hired teachers with relevant, research based professional development and support through Instructional Coaching and the New Teacher Program in order to increase new teacher retention, overall certificated staff quality, and students’ experiences in new teachers’ classrooms.
    5. Initiate and implement a District Teacher Induction Program that will prepare teachers to create equitable, rigorous, and meaningful learning experiences for all students.

    Goal 2: Narrow the opportunity gaps that students experience in order to increase achievement for all students.

    1. Develop a radical proposal to disrupt the current system and dramatically reduce the district’s achievement gap; change the status quo.
    2. Meet or exceed the Measurable Achievement Outcomes established in the District’s Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) , including, but not limited to, ensuring all students are college and career ready, A-G requirements are completed, D/F rates are
      reduced, AP/IB achievement and participation are increased, and graduation rates improved.
    3. Increase parent and community participation of historically underserved families in the Equity Committee to gather authentic input and insight on how to better support historically underserved students.
    4. Develop and adopt an equity vision that articulates how we are serving all students and anchors all district policies, practices and instruction.
    5. Improve and increase historically under-represented student experiences in Dual Enrollment, CTE pathways, Middle College and work experience in order to expand student College and Career readiness (as measured by CA’s College and Career Indicator).
    6. Examine, define and implement the continuum of special education services to support students’ needs and access to the least restrictive environment, including an examination of where specialized county and District programs are located.
    7. Develop an instructional technology plan aligned to the new technology vision that supports the effective integration of instructional technology and student access to high quality digital learning, including the continued effective implementation of Canvas LMS.
    8. Build and implement a Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) to ensure all students have access to the academic, social/emotional, and cultural support they need to be successful and thrive.

    Goal 3: Improve Student Wellness and Family Engagement

    1. Focus on attendance and outreach to students and families related to attendance - Implement new systems to enhance and improve attendance reporting, monitoring, and chronic absenteeism. Use system to respond to student and family needs (health, mental
      health, bullying, etc.) in a timely manner. Collaborate and communicate more effectively to reduce truancy rates and student absentee rates for all subgroups.
    2. Continue to expand options for disciplinary disposition so to keep students engaged in their daily instruction and offer less punitive measures. Increase the use of restorative practices to ensure students are receiving consequences in culturally sensitive and responsive ways. (metric-decrease in suspensions of Latino students and students with disabilities) (Restorative Practices)
    3. Increase family engagement among historically underserved families by continuing to develop and expand family education programming, increase communication in multiple languages, and provide families with necessary resources to support their students educational experiences.

    Goal 4: Examine communications with internal and external audiences to enhance current practices.

    1. Identify potential gaps so that the Board of Trustees and employees have the information needed to promote the District’s programs and services with transparency to diverse audiences with varying interests.
    2. Ensure that external stakeholders have transparent access to the information needed to be successful in accessing all appropriate District resources.
    3. Promote District programs, services and achievements more broadly in the local media.

    Goal 5: Stewardship of Resources

    1. Pursue feedback and direction from the Board of Trustees regarding:
      1. Decision on the sale/use of the Crestmoor property
      2. Building workforce housing
    2. If approved, develop a process to receive community input and deploy a comprehensive communications campaign to ensure that stakeholders are informed of the District’s progress.
    3. Review staffing and staffing formulas to promote efficient use of resources and to examine ways to promote greater equity in terms of educational outcomes.
    4. With Board approval, place a bond measure on the March 2020 election ballot in order to continue delivery of high quality, safe, sustainable, and state of the art 21st century learning environments for SMUHSD students.
    5. Support Peninsula community in their transition from Crestmoor to Burlingame.


    Approved by the Board August 22, 2019

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