Stay in the Bay with $100K

  • More than 500 students, parents and members of the community came out on November 6 for “Stay in the Bay with $100k”, the District’s first event focused on high-paying career options that don’t necessarily require a four-year degree. Expert panelists included Laurel Moeslein, Acting Manager, Economic and Community Development, San Francisco International Airport; Pamela Gutman, Regional Director, Transportation & Logistics, City College of San Francisco; Nanette Solvason, Ph.D., Regional Director, Health, Foothill College; Steve Booker, Registrar/Political Director, IBEW Local 617; and Chris Starling, Executive Director, Npower.

Career Training Programs

  • Access our spreadsheet of Career Training Programs including apprenticeships, certificate programs, training programs, vocational schools, associate degrees that lead to careers and much more.