April 24, 2020: Counseling Update Presentation

  • How are Counselors supporting students in distance learning?

    Posted by: Valerie Arbizu

    Counselor Supports: Shifting to Distance Learning

    • Weekly check-ins with students who are NOT logging in to Canvas.
    • Ensuring that all students have the tech they need to access learning opportunities.
    • Meeting with students virtually for academic advising, wellness checks, answering college questions, and just being available as needed.
    • Please email them if you have questions or need support - we’re here for you!

    Counselor Supports: Course Requests and Planning for 2020-21

    Our Academic Counselors are working closely with Administration to ensure that our courses are planned carefully for the coming year.

    This includes counseling students on:

    • Choosing the correct levels of courses for the upcoming year
    • Summer plans for remediation / summer school options
    • Summer plans for academic advancement
    • Dual Enrollment options at CSM, Skyline, and other online options
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  • How are teachers deciding on Credit/No Credit?

    Posted by: Valerie Arbizu

    SMUHSD Guidelines: Credit/No Credit Approach to Spring 2020

    • Credit (CR) means that a student would have earned an A+ to D- grade in a class.
    • Many teachers will continue to use their gradebooks to indicate where students are in their learning / grades.
    • Students are expected to continue to participate in their classes.
    • Teachers will notify counselors by May 4th if a senior will receive NO CREDIT (NC) at the semester.

    Parents Support Your Students

    Our Best Advice for Supporting Students Today

    • Check in with your student every day to ensure that they have logged on and checked Canvas for assignments.
    • Ask your student about what they are learning in their classes.
    • Be sure to check your own Canvas account: it’s important that parents are also aware of exactly where their student’s grades stand - especially as seniors!
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  • How will Credit/No Credit grades affect Students?

    Posted by: Valerie Arbizu

    University of California: Covid-19 Response - Spring 2020 Grades - SENIORS

    “Suspending the letter grade requirement for A-G courses completed in winter/spring/summer 2020 for all students, including UC’s most recently admitted freshmen.” [April 1, 2020]

    California State University: Covid-19 Response - Spring 2020 Grades - SENIORS

    “The CSU will accept grades of "Credit" or "Pass" to satisfy "a-g" requirements completed during winter, spring or summer 2020 terms. All prior coursework must be graded and a grade of C- or better must be earned for the course to satisfy “a-g” requirements. Grades of credit/pass or no credit/non-passing will not be included in the calculation of high school GPA.” [April 9, 2020]

    College Updates: How will Credit/No Credit Affect Seniors?

    Each college is working with students differently.

    Our advice:

    • Call your college
    • Check their website for information

    College Updates: How will C/NC Affect Students in Grades 9-11?

    Each college is working with students differently.

    UC & CSU Guidelines are in place for ALL students for the Winter/Spring/Summer 2020 terms.

    We communicate with colleges through our School Profile

    • This includes grading decisions like CR/NC
    • Let’s universities know how we worked with our students so they are aware of how to weigh their academic performance.
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  • Will colleges accept Spring 2020 AP Scores for credit?

    Posted by: Valerie Arbizu

    University of California: Covid-19 Response - AP Scores

    “UC recognizes the effort that students have already applied in these challenging courses and will award UC credit for 2020 AP exams completed with scores of 3, 4 or 5, consistent with previous years.” [April 1, 2020]

    California State University: Covid-19 Response - AP Scores

    “The College Board has announced changes to the AP exam content and format for spring 2020. The CSU will honor all existing transferable credit articulation for spring 2020 AP exams on which scores of 3, 4, or 5 are earned.”  [April 9, 2020]

    College Updates:  Will College Accept Spring 2020 AP Scores?

    This is an individual decision from each college.

    Our advice:

    • Call your college
    • Check their website for information
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  • Will colleges expect my junior to have SAT or ACT scores this fall?

    Posted by: Valerie Arbizu

    University of California: Covid-19 Response - Fall 2021 Testing Requirements

    “Suspending the standardized test requirement for students applying for fall 2021 freshman admission.” [April 1, 2020]

    California State University: Covid-19 Response - Fall 2021 Testing Requirements

    “The California State University (CSU) will temporarily suspend the use of ACT/SAT examinations in determining admission eligibility for all CSU campuses for the 2021-2022 academic year. This temporary change of admission eligibility applies only for the fall 2021, winter 2022 and spring 2022 admission cycles. “  [April 9, 2020]


    College Updates:  Covid-19 Response: Fall 2021 Testing Requirements

    Each college is working with students differently.

    Our advice:

    • Call your college
    • Check their website for information
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  • What should seniors be doing right now to get ready for college?

    Posted by: Valerie Arbizu


    Stay Focused on School.  Yes: Classes are Still in Session

    • Learning continues in a virtual setting @ BHS
    • Students are expected to continue to check in ALL of their classes and complete assignments.

    Submit Your Intent!  Communicating with Colleges

    • Let your school of choice know that you intend to enroll this Fall.
    • Let all of the other schools know that you will NOT enroll this Fall.
      • This lets the universities open a seat for another student
    • Decide on your housing situation if you are going ‘away’ to school.
      • Communicate directly with colleges to determine what school and housing will look like for incoming freshmen in Fall 2020.
    • Considering deferment?  Email us and we can help walk you through that process.

    Paying for College: Applying for Scholarships - We Can Help

    • Complete all scholarship applications at home.
    • Have a piece that needs a counselor?  Send it to your counselor AFTER you have completed the parent portion.
    • Have questions or need help?  Get in touch with your counselor.

    Finish the Paperwork: Request Transcripts + NCAA Info

    • Complete the Senior Survey - this lets us know where to send your final transcript.
    • You get one free final transcript - we just need to know where to send it!  (To you - or to your college of choice)
    • NCAA Guidelines:
      • Request your final transcript for NCAA through the BHS website
      • Make sure you request in June when final transcripts will be available.

    Community College Enrollment: Priority Enrollment is Currently Underway

    Planning to attend a Community College next year? 

    CSM and Skyline are currently offering Priority Enrollment!

    Interested?  Get in touch with Mr. Dhyne as soon as possible for information and support: jdhyne@smuhsd.org 

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  • What’s happening with senior events @ BHS?

    Posted by: Valerie Arbizu

    Senior Events @ BHS: What you need to know...

    • The health of our students, staff, and community members are our first priority.
    • We are required to adhere to State, County, and District Health Mandates.
    • We want to celebrate you and your accomplishments - and, while we might not be able to do this together in the ways we would prefer, we will host a variety of virtual events for our students.

    Senior Events: Awards Night: Celebrating Your Accomplishments

    • Mr. Dhyne is continuing to work to put the event together.
    • Students will be notified of their awards.
    • We will incorporate as many video presentations as possible for the presentation of the awards.
    • The overall award show will be held virtually.
    • Watch for invitations and information!

    Senior Events: Graduation: Collaborative Planning in Progress

    • We are taking a “Now & Later” approach to events: we will mark the accomplishment with a virtual event and work with the Senior Class Cabinet to celebrate with the Class of 2020 when restrictions on gatherings are lifted.
    • Will be held on or near our current graduation date
    • This will NOT be the only event held to celebrate our seniors: we love them, too, and plan to celebrate in community.
    • Watch your email for a “Save the Date” notification.

    Senior Events: Grad Night: This is not a school sponsored event

    • Grad Night is sponsored by a Parent Committee - it is not sponsored by the school.
    • Parents are working hard to ensure that any events offered for student celebrations are held within State and County health guidelines.
    • Please watch for updates on potential ‘grad night’ activities over time.
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  • What’s next?

    Posted by: Valerie Arbizu

    Senior Survey: What’s next for you?

    • The BHS Senior Survey is an important part of the check-out process.
    • Mr. Dhyne is in the process of finishing the survey - it will be out to families and students soon.
    • You get one free final transcript - we just need to know where to send it!  (To you - or to your college of choice)

    Communication is Key!  Stay in touch with teachers & colleges

    Check Canvas | Check Email | Check Naviance | Check College Portals | Check in with Wellness (as needed)

    Wrapping Up the Year: Senior Check-Out and Final Tasks For All

    Administration is currently working on solutions to the following logistical issues given the current Shelter-in-Place:

    • Collection of textbooks, technology, athletic equipment, musical equipment, and outstanding fines (from lost items) from students.
    • Distribution of graduate materials: caps and gowns, diploma covers, diplomas, yearbooks, etc.
    • Locker clean out

    Getting Ready for Next Year: Course Selection + Summer Work

    Course Request Letters went out as an email this week. 

    There is still a little room for students to request the following changes to their course lists for next year:

    • Switching between Advanced (AS or AP) classes to College Prep
    • Changes for Math and World Language placements
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