Degrees and Certifications:

Adam Faber

I teach English I at CHS. I’m originally from Michigan, but have been living in San Francisco (mostly) since 2002. I have taught at a few different schools in our district, and am very happy to have found a home here at Capuchino.

 I have a wonderfully supportive wife, Frances, an amazing toddler named Lillian, and a player to be named later, due in December. Oh, and a great pit bull mix named Kid.

 I love to travel, and during my two years teaching abroad in Abu Dhabi, I was able to visit a host of other countries such as Oman, Sri Lanka, Lebanon, Egypt, Turkey, France, Spain, and Italy.

 I’m also an avid camper and backpacker, and try to get out into the woods whenever I can.

 I’ve been teaching since 2005, and I’ve always loved this work. I enjoy helping young people to push themselves to be their best, and exposing them to the world of language and literature. Though the work can be emotionally tough sometimes, I thrive on seeing my students succeed and grow into successful young adults.