Degrees and Certifications:

Shannon Millard

A few things I'd like you to know about me: 
I love to go to the beach with my family, listen to music, cook and spend time in my backyard/garden.
I wanted to work with teens and wanted all students to have access to counseling services.
Mexican food, by far, is my favorite food.  I love the Mexican culture and have traveled all over Mexico--more than the U.S.
I traveled solo in Argentina for a month about 10 years ago.  It was a fantastic experience.  The country is beautiful; the music, the people, the food, Iguazu waterfalls.  SPECTACULAR!!
​I speak some Spanish---understand more.  I need to practice:)​
I am passionate and social justice issues and equal rights for all students.  
I'm a strong advocate for our undocumented students as well as our LGBTQ youth.
Shannon Millard, MA, PPS
School Counselor, Dept Chair