History of Crestmoor

  • The 40-acre property once housed Crestmoor High School which was closed as a comprehensive high school in 1980 due to declining enrollment. Since then, the Crestmoor Property has been used to house the District’s continuation school, Peninsula High School. 

    The SMUHSD Board of Trustees expressed their desire to relocate Peninsula High in new state-of-the-art facilities, closer to jobs, internships and public transit. During the school year, some students commute to Peninsula one hour or more each way on District buses. In December 2017, the Board unanimously approved a site at 860 Hinckley Road in Burlingame for construction of the new Peninsula High School. Construction began in January 2020 on the new facility which will boast over 6,700 square feet of classroom space in addition to a science and culinary classroom. The site also will include a wellness center and outdoor sports court.

    Peninsula's new central location will be situated on one acre and places students closer to public transportation and job and internship opportunities. The new school will be closer to comprehensive high school sites allowing students easier access to athletics and program opportunities. Construction of the new Peninsula High School is funded in part by Measure O, approved by voters in 2010. The new school is slated to open in the fall of 2020. 

    In March 2019, the Board voted to declare Crestmoor surplus property (resolution). The District applied for and received a waiver from the state allowing flexibility in the bidding and sale of the site. The waiver will allow the District to use “best value criteria” in selecting a buyer for the property - meaning the District is not required to take the highest bid. This allows the District to consider a developer’s construction capability, sensitivity to the surrounding neighborhood and community and support of the District’s goal of enhancing its long-term fiscal sustainability.