Community and Literacy In Action

  • Community and Literacy In Action I-IV (CLA) (Standard Program)


    Grades: 9-12

    Credits: 5 credits per semester, UC/CSU “a-g” Subject Area: g

    Prerequisite: Any Multilingual Learner with more than 3 years of education in the USA (EM and LTEL) and has not been Reclassified as Fluent. Exceptions could be a Newcomer Advanced or a Newcomer who has chosen to not participate in a Newcomer Program. This meets the required Designated ELD course for all Multilingual Learners.


    This course is designed for multilingual learners to build competence and confidence through consistent strategic partner work and collaborative instructional routines needed for success in core academic content classes. Students will work collaboratively and draw upon their home languages and cultures as resources in order to enhance their multilingual communication skills. This course will utilize asset based and humanizing pedagogy and is anchored in the ELD standards, with the intention to support our multilingual scholars in improving their abilities to read, write, listen and speak across all content areas in order to demonstrate their leadership skills. Students focus on academic vocabulary development, language, syntax, grammar and writing structures through close reading of grade level informational and literary texts. Students learn how text structure, language features, and vocabulary vary depending upon purpose and audience and they develop academic language proficiency to recognize the various purposes, audiences and text types.