Class of 2024 College Application Landing Page

  • Class of 2024Key College Application Deadlines

    UC applications – Nov. 30th (One deadline for all applications in the system) 

    CSU applications – Nov. 30th (One deadline for all applications in the system)

    Early Decision & Early Action – Most ED and EA deadlines fall between 10/15 – 11/15, but check with each individual college to be sure you don’t miss any deadlines.

    Regular Decision – Most colleges will have their regular decision deadline somewhere between 12/15 – 2/1, with the majority falling in January.  Again, be sure to check each individual school you’re looking at. 

    Theater & Other Performance Majors – Often your application type is considered regular decision, but can have a deadline that matches up with the ED or EA timetable due to auditions.  If you’re applying to a theater or other audition based major, be prepared to have applications due on the earlier end of the application cycle. 

    Counselor Letter of Rec. Process

    1. Match your Common App to Naviance.  This will allow the two systems to communicate with each other in properly sending in letters of rec. and other important application materials.  Ms. Hanson will upload a video before the end of the month detailing these steps.
    2. After that if you feel that you have completed the steps successfully, you can fill out a quick Google form indicating that you believe everything is done correctly. Ms. Hanson will then review your Naviance to make sure that everything is set up correctly. You can fill out that form here.  If you don’t feel that you have set things up right you can schedule a one on one meeting with Ms. Hanson to go over the process together or if you just want them to help guide you through the steps, which you can do so here.
    3. Complete your Senior Survey in Naviance.
    4. Ms. Hanson will then review your Naviance to make sure that everything is all set up and that you have completed the senior survey.  If everything is done correctly,  then we’ll be able to upload your letter of rec. from Ms. Gasco if you requested one before summer, or from our acting senior counselor..  If there are any updates or corrections you need to make to Naviance, Ms. Hanson will let you know what needs to be done.  These steps will be completed together in a meeting if a student requests one for doing the matching together.
    5. If your letter was not written by Ms. Gasco and is being written by our acting senior counselor, you may be contacted by the counselor with follow up questions.  Please be sure to respond.
    6. Request your transcripts for college through this form.

    Letter of Rec. Deadlines

    9/22 - Deadline for all apps due 11/15 or earlier

    11/9 - Deadline for all other due dates

    Teacher Letter of Rec. Process

    1. Reach out to your teachers to ask them for a letter of recommendation.

    2. Submit your letter of recommendation request through Naviance.

    3. Complete the teacher letter of recommendation contract and send a copy to each teacher writing a letter for you.

    4. Keep in mind that students are limited to asking two teachers for a letter of rec.


    We are working with the other schools in our district to have a district wide scholarship list, which you can access here.   

    Lines that are highlighted in yellow mean that the scholarship is currently open.  If it’s not highlighted yet than it either hasn’t opened for this year, or has already passed its expiration date for this year.  At the bottom on the tab called “San Mateo” is where you will find scholarships that are open just to students from our school, district, or county.  Most of these scholarships are not open until the spring. For a quick video tour of how to navigate this scholarship list, click here.

    Grade Entry Information

    For a quick explanation on how to enter your grades on your college applications, please view this Google Doc.

    Recorded Videos of Presentations

    Virtual College Visits

    Fall SMHS College Visit List – We will host several college visits through the fall. You can click the link at the start of this paragraph to see a list of schools scheduled to visit us this semester.  This list will continue to grow as more visits get scheduled, so please be sure to check this list somewhat regularly.  Visits will mostly be held during lunch or tutorial.  For lunch visits no pass is required and you are welcome to eat your lunch in the Career Center while attending the visit.  Tutorial visits will require you to pick up a pass to show your tutorial teacher before you come down to the visit.  Sometimes a visit will occur during class time.  When that happens you can pick up a pass from the Career Center to show your teacher.

    Other College Events – Colleges will often send me upcoming presentations and events that they might be hosting or participating in.  These events will often require pre-registration.  Rather than advertise each individual event with its own announcement or email, you can visit the link in this section for a Google sheet that will be updated through the year as these events are sent my way.

    SAT’s & ACT’s

    The UC’s and CSU’s are test blind.  A test blind school will not look at your score at all, even if you have a perfect score and send it in.  So no positive points can be added to your application with a score.

    Many colleges are still test optional.  You can find a list of test optional schools here

    If you are unsure of whether or not a school you’re looking at requires a test score be submitted, the answer can usually be found on their admissions page.  If you are applying to a test optional school and you’re not sure whether or not sending in a score would be a good thing for your application, please see Mx. Hanson for advice.

    Transcript Requests

    Seniors can request transcripts only through this link

    Outside Transcripts

    If you have taken a course at a local community college, BYU Independent Study, or some other outside institution, don’t forget to send those transcripts to the college you’re applying to. Our local community colleges and BYU Independent Study are the most common outside institutions that our students will take classes from, so here are links on how to order those transcripts:

    CSM/Skyline/Cañada College -
    BYU Ind. Study -

    If you took a course through another outside institution, their individual policy for ordering a transcript will vary. You’ll need to check in with that institution, and make sure that when you order a transcript that you’re having it directly shipped to the colleges you’re applying to. If you have it shipped to you first, it is no longer considered an official transcript the moment you open the envelope that contains the transcript.

    Financial Aid Basics

    Financial Aid applications will open in December. You MUST submit your financial aid application by March 2nd to qualify for the full amount of potential state aid.  However, you may have a school on your list that wants it earlier, so please be mindful of individual school deadlines. 

    How to create your FSA ID (for FAFSA filers) 

    Filling out FAFSA

    Completing CA Dream Act (for undocumented seniors)

    Financial Aid Info Slides

    Diapositivas de información sobre ayuda financiera en español


    School Profile

    2023-24 Profile