College & Career Center

  • The College & Career Center is a part of the Guidance Office. The Center has information on colleges, universities, scholarships, financial aid, and career opportunities.  The following is an overview of the services offered at AHS; for additional information, please refer to the College & Career Center section of this website.

    If you are between the ages of 13 and 18, have not graduated from high school, and are enrolled at Aragon, you need a permit to work. Please come to the Counseling Office and pick up a STATEMENT OF INTENT TO EMPLOY MINOR AND REQUEST FOR WORK. This will need to be filled out by your parents and your employer and returned to the Counseling Office for your OFFICIAL work permit.

    Current Aragon students shall receive up to ten free academic transcripts, and then they will pay $5 per transcript after they have requested the first ten. Students request an official transcript from Ms. Luna, Student Data Analyst, during regular school hours. The order form is available on the Aragon school website under “I Want To…”.

    Naviance – Family Connection is a website that you and your student can use to help in making decisions about colleges and careers. Family Connection is linked with College Planner, a service that we use in the Aragon Counseling Office to track and analyze data about college and career plans, so it provides up-to-date information that’s specific to our school.

    Family Connection will allow you and your student to:

    • Get involved in the planning and advising process – build a resume, complete on-line surveys, and manage timelines and deadlines for making decisions about colleges and careers
    • Research colleges – compare GPA, standardized test scores, and other statistics to actual historical data from our school for students who have applied and been admitted in the past
    • Sign-up for college visits – find out which colleges are visiting our school and sign-up to attend those sessions
    • Stay up to date – learn about upcoming meetings/events, local scholarship opportunities, and other web resources

    In addition, the site includes a link that your student can use to send us an e-mail message.

    New Users:
    Parents/Guardians will receive a mailing in the fall with complete instructions on Family Connection registration. Parents/Guardians and students will each receive different registration codes. Once you have your own account, you will sign in using the user name and password you chose during the registration process.