Flex Time

  • Flex time is a period of 35 minutes offered on both block days (Wed. and Thurs.) that gives students the time to support their own academic achievement. Flex time allows students to:

    • make-up or re-take tests/quizzes/assignments
    • get help with assignments or projects
    • have time for homework completion
    • have time to work on group projects
    • have access to college/career information from the Guidance staff

    For flex time to be effective, students must make wise choices about how to best use their time.

    Students may check into only one classroom during a flex time period.  All teachers will expect that students bring the materials they need to work productively for each flex period. In addition, students will be expected to follow all of the codes of conduct established by Aragon and any additional rules (regarding food, drink, bathroom passes, technology use, etc.) created by the individual teacher whose room the student checks into. Teachers will address behavioral problems as they would during a regular class period.

    Use of FlexTime for Students:

    • Make productive use of time.
    • Be polite and practice kindness.
    • Be proactive and patient.
    • Use tech for academic purposes.

    Procedures for FlexTime:

    • Plan Ahead: where are you going, what will you do, what materials will you need?
    • Scan in when you arrive (by the bell).
    • Remain with one teacher for the duration of FlexTime.
    • Use the bathroom and get water during the passing period - not during FlexTime.

    FlexTime Student Behavior:

    Teachers will address behavioral problems as they would during a regular class period.

    Students will scan in with the ID cards for each flex time period. This check-in process will ensure that the administration knows where students are if there is an emergency.  If a student doesn’t scan into a class for flex time, they will be considered truant, and the penalties that apply to truancies for a regular class will apply in these cases.  This is the same for tardiness.

    Intensive FlexTime:

    Often, students will be allowed to determine where to go during flex time, but if a teacher makes an appointment with a student, the student must show up to that appointment, in order to receive help and support from a teacher.  If a student is struggling academically, their counselor may assign them to participate in mandatory Intensive Flex for several weeks, where they will receive support from administrators and tutors. Once their grades improve, they will be free to make decisions about where to go during flex time.