Student Activities

    Instruction and presentations that occur at Aragon both in and out of the classroom are in line with our mission statement.  If you have any concerns or questions regarding curriculum, assemblies, or extra-curricular activities please feel free to call an Assistant Principal.
    Field trips enhance classroom instruction. However, students are reminded of their responsibility to make up all missed assignments.  Fieldtrip permission forms must be submitted to all teachers two weeks prior to the scheduled event. Students cannot go on field trips without permission from all of their teachers. Transportation will be arranged and pre-approved by the supervising teacher and/or administration.  For reasons of safety, students are never allowed to transport other students. 

    Link Crew is a high school transition program that focuses on welcoming all students who are new to our Aragon High School community. We work on ensuring that the transition to our school is easy and that our new Dons feel comfortable and connected throughout their time at AHS. Built on the belief that peer relationships are the best way to foster school culture, the Link Crew program identifies experienced AHS students who help our newcomers navigate high school and understand who we are as a school community.

    Student clubs at Aragon are supported by our Student Leadership program and Student Activities Director.  Updated club offerings are posted on our website and around campus.  Students can apply to start a new club in December for the Spring Semester and May for the Fall Semester.  All clubs renew their charter each May.
    We encourage all new students to be involved in at least two extra-curricular activities during the school year!  Below is a list of recent student clubs at Aragon, see our updated list of current clubs on our school website.

    All students must have a valid, current Student ID card to enter a school dance.  Tickets are only sold during lunch at school, not at the door.  Doors will close one hour after the dance begins.  No student is allowed to leave a scheduled dance prior to 30 minutes before it ends.
    If you would like to bring a Non-Aragon guest to a dance, a guest pass must be completed and submitted at least 48 hours before the dance.    

    Students may be PROHIBITED from attending dances if they have:

    • unserved detentions, unverified absences, or failing grades
    • been truant the day of the dance or the day before a weekend dance
    • violated school rules at past dances
    • have overdue library books and/or library fines

    Before anything can be posted on Aragon’s campus, prior approval must be obtained from the Administration or Student Activities Director.  All posted material must be attached with Special Tape (available from our Leadership class in Rm #112) only and removed as soon as the activity is over. Posted materials may not be placed on lockers and doors.  Please see an administrator for approved areas of posting. Signs posted without prior approval will be removed.