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    The Mills High School Drama Guild is a volunteer booster group that supports the school’s theater program. Members take part in student productions throughout the year by helping to raise funds and promote the shows, preparing and serving meals and snacks for cast and crew during “tech week,” assisting with the building of sets, supporting the crew with technical knowledge when possible and lending a hand in whatever way they can to support each event. Parents get the satisfaction of supporting their students and of helping make these productions into enjoyable experiences for the whole Mills community. To join the Drama Guild in supporting the productions, please contact millsdramaguild@gmail.com

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    Support the Mills Drama Guild in its efforts to help students and staff keep staging great performances no matter what the conditions. We appreciate your donations!
    Thank you for supporting the Mills HS Drama Guild. We’re asking families of cast, orchestra, and crew members to contribute $50 to support the Drama Guild's efforts to support the production, including providing meals for all students involved during set builds and tech week.


    Donations made to the Drama Guild are considered personal gifts and are generally not tax-deductible.
    For further information, you may check with a tax professional. 

    Volunteering and Contributions

    How would you like to participate in and support the production?  Please fill out the Mills HS Drama Guild Volunteer & Contribution Form!

  • Drama Guild Leadership Team

    Panteha Mahmoodian (Co-Lead)
    Karen Bettucchi (Co-Lead)
    Angelina Stamer (Treasurer)
    Nicole Hillman
    Larry Susoeff

    If you are interested in joining our team, please reach out at millsdramaguild@gmail.com.