School Site Council

  • The school site council is a group of teachers, parents, classified employees, and students (at the high school level) that works with the principal to develop, review and evaluate school improvement programs and school budgets.

    Our SSC will make decisions or advise the principal on elements of the school budget, school improvement plans (WASC and Single Plan for Student Achievement), and the school safety plan. We will also take a look at parent and student engagement as well as student trends on campus.

2020-21 Members

  • The School Site Council is composed of an Administrator (Principal or Designee), teachers (3), staff members (1), students (3), and parents (2).

    Our 2020-21 Site Council Representatives are:

    • Chair - Jayson Estassi (teacher)
    • Vice Chair - Shayla Duong (student/soph.)
    • Secretary - Kayla Li (student/senior)
    • Parliamentarian - Ethan Lee (student/junior)
    • Lisa Nagendran (AP - Admin Designee)
    • Cindy Henderson (teacher)
    • Shane Smuin (teacher)
    • Lesley Franco (staff member)
    • Norma Mota (parent)
    • Lauri Fornesca (parent)

    Principal Valerie Arbizu will fill in for Lisa Nagendran as a voting member of the council while Ms. Nagendran is on leave in Fall 2020.  When AP Nagendran returns, Principal Arbizu will continue to join the meetings to provide information and context, but will not be a voting member of the group.

2020-21 Meetings

  • This link includes a listing of the members of School Site Council for the 2020-21 school year.

    Meetings will be held on Monday afternoons from 3:30-5:00pm in the MPR at Aragon High School.  While we are working at a distance, we will meet in a Zoom Webinar format at this link. Members of the public are welcome to attend and make comments at the beginning of the meeting; all other discussion and voting will take place with the Principal and members of the School Site Council only.

    Meeting Dates: 
    November 2, 2020
    November 30, 2020
    January 25, 2021
    February 22, 2021
    March 22, 2021
    April 19, 2021
    May 17, 2021

    Questions?  Please contact Principal Valerie Arbizu at or 650-558-2999.