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    California Scholarship Federation (CSF) All Applicants
    Spring 2023 Submission  - September 18th Deadline!

    **** Only smuhsd.org emails will have access to these documents ****

    Spring 2023 semester grades are in!  In order to update your CSF membership and attain Lifetime Membership (Seniors), please submit an eligible CSF form for Spring 2023.  According to CSF bylaws, students must submit eligible forms from the previous semester prior to four weeks of the current semester.  New students are welcome and should follow the steps to submit eligible forms below. Please submit your Spring 2023 CSF forms by September 18, the absolute deadline.

    What is CSF and why join? General CSF Information (Links to an external site.) and the CSF Official Website (Links to an external site.). 

    Follow these steps to keep your CSF membership updated:

    1. Complete this CSF online form (Links to an external site.) by September 18th using your Spring 2023 grades (Students are NOT allowed to retroactively submit CSF application forms.) Refer to this CSF List of eligible classes.  (Links to an external site.)
    2. Counselors will check grades for final approval. No need to attach transcripts.

    Please email your counselor directly with any questions.  

     **** Only smuhsd.org emails will have access to these documents ****