Hospitality, Tourism & Recreation Pathway

  • Foods & Nutrition
    UC/CSU - G Elective approved course
    Foods & Nutrition is a course in nutrition education and basic food preparation. The course includes planning and preparing foods that contribute to nutritionally balanced meals as well as hospitality career exploration and resume writing. Each student will have experiences with personal nutritional requirements, consumer economics, use and care of equipment, and with their team, basic food preparation.

    Culinary Arts
    Grades 10-12
    UC/CSU - G Elective approved course
    Prerequisite: Foods and Nutrition with a grade of C or better, or instructor approval.
    This course goes beyond “the basics.” It emphasizes new and exciting foods, interesting seasonings, and advanced cooking skills. Students work with the equipment and techniques necessary to prepare gourmet meals. Second semester acquaints students with other countries and their traditions through the study, preparation, and serving of foods common to those countries. The students will plan, prepare, and serve festive foods from different cultures while learning more about industry standards and the development of individual student portfolios in preparation for continued studies in the field.

Career Guide - Food and Hospitality Pathway

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    Food and Hospitality Career Guide