11th Grade Social Science Courses

  • US History
    Grade 11
    This course is designed to help students understand the present by studying basic concepts and
    important knowledge throughout American history. This course begins with a review of the key issues and events of pre-1900 U.S. History, and continues with an in-depth investigation of the many aspects and periods of the 20th century. Students will examine these historical events, tracing their roots to the past and understanding their influence on the present. The chronological focus of the textbook will be supplemented by a number of related activities including historical journals, document-based inquiries, and one major paper each semester.

    AP US History
    Grade 11
    This reading-intensive course will focus on U.S. History from European settlement to the present. Major emphasis will be placed on historical research and interpretation. By meeting course expectations students will be prepared to take the AP examination in American History in May.