Support Courses

  • At Aragon High School, we understand that students learn at different rates and require different levels of support.  The courses offered in this section offer students support in literacy and writing skills, social and emotional skills, and the opportunity to improve grades from classes already completed with a grade of D or F.

Course Descriptions

  • English Support 1, 2, and 3
    1 - Grade 9, 2 - Grade 10, 3 - Grade 11
    SMUHSD - elective course
    This course is designed to strengthen student literacy skills (speaking, reading, writing, listening) and provide them with appropriate support to meet the California State Standards and to be successful in their English classes. The class will support mastery of the standards for English, using materials that are appropriate to the students’ abilities and experiences.

    Guided Studies
    SMUHSD - elective course
    Guided Studies is a course that will help students build a strong academic identity and foster social responsibility in the high school setting so that students may achieve their post-high school goals. In addition to tutorial time that will provide students with assistance for their studies in other curricular areas, Guided Studies focuses on study skills, organizational strategies, self- advocacy, critical thinking, team building, leadership training, and character development. Students also have the opportunity to meet with a Guided Studies counselor on a regular basis. The Guided Studies counselor’s role is to further assist students with a variety of challenges that may include time management, personal organization, social awareness, peer and personal relationships, communication skills, stress management, and any other hindrances to academic and personal success.

    On-Site Credit Recovery (OSCR)
    Semester Course
    Grades 10 - 12
    Prerequisite: D or F semester grade in a course
    OSCR is typically available for the following courses:
    English 1, 2, 3, and English 4 (Fall only)
    Algebra 1, Geometry, Integrated Math 2, and Algebra 2
    The course will use online learning through Edgenuity for students to learn, review, and show mastery of course work. The student will use on-line learning, and, when necessary, the instructor will interweave direct instruction, supplemental materials and activities all in lieu of remediating the topics that are more difficult throughout the on- line learning process. The purpose will be to learn the course material while recovering credits at the student’s own pace.