• College Success, Career Planning, and Life Exploration 

    Grade Level: 10-12

    During the fall semester, the course provides an understanding of the concepts and significance of factors that contribute to college success. The course focuses on the following topics: understanding of the college/university systems; goal setting; educational planning; health maintenance; stress management; learning styles; study skills; resources, relationships, and cultural diversity. Integrates personal growth; academic and career success; problem-solving and critical/creative thinking. 

    In the spring, the course provides a comprehensive approach to life and career planning. Topics include self-assessment (values, skills, personality, and interests) and an analysis of career development over the life span. Students complete an intensive career investigation that encompasses decision-making, goal-setting, job search strategies, resume writing, and interviewing skills.


    Dual Credit Class with Skyline College. Students who earn C- or better grade earn 6 college credits (3 for Fall COUN100 and 3 for Spring CRER137).

    This course meets the CTE district graduation requirement.