Staff Training and Family Education

  • Aeries Communication and Canvas will be used to provide specific education and instructions for students, parents, and guardians on the implementation and enforcement of this reopening plan. These communications will include written and screencast instructional videos that will be available on the school website in multiple languages and will include instructions regarding entering campus, health screening, wearing face masks over the mouth and nose at all times, maintaining six feet of physical distancing at all times, students sitting at their assigned desk (work/study/station), and students following directional maps and signage.

    Families will be informed in writing as well as during a Return to School family education event of the school’s safety protocols and expectations. Families will have the opportunity to ask questions and get a clear understanding of the plan, and ongoing training will be provided as needed.

    Teachers will review safety practices with students daily. Safety reviews will include proper safety etiquette and proper hygiene practices, distance monitoring, appropriate movement around campus, and directions for lunch and restrooms.

    As the school prepares to shift phases, we will work with families to communicate as effectively as possible.  

    Outreach and communication will include:

    • Additional Q&A sessions with the entire campus community - offered with simultaneous translation.
    • This report will be available on our website with automatic translation into any language offered by the web service.
    • Opportunities for students to opt-in to in-person learning in three-week periods (as we prepare to implement Phase 3).

    Staff Training

    Staff will participate in a safety protocol meeting with the SMUHSD student health team to review and discuss this plan.

    • Mandatory training will be provided for practices related to health and hygiene, face coverings, physical distancing, and limited gatherings,screening, contact tracing, testing, and supporting students’ mental health.
      • In addition to site/classification specific training 
    • All employees will complete the following trainings, among other required trainings:
      • Coronavirus 103: Managing Stress & Anxiety (25 minutes)
      • Coronavirus 105: Cleaning & Disinfecting Common Spaces (25 minutes)
      • Coronavirus 106: CDC Guidelines for Using Cloth Masks (25 minutes)
      • Duty to Report: California Schools (30-40 minutes)
      • Bloodborne Pathogen (45 minutes)

    • Supervisors will be trained regarding temperature taking and symptom checks